The Chosen Season 4 Episode 3 Controversy Explained

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The events of Episode 3 of The Chosen Season 4 sent shockwaves through the show's viewing audience.

Following a delay from theaters to streaming, the latest season of the hit historical drama starring Jonathan Roumie releases new episodes "twice a week" beginning on June 7. 

The Chosen warned audiences of Season 4's "painful" storytelling, and Episode 3 delivered on that promise but ultimately left some fans confused and even frustrated.

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Explaining The Chosen Season 4 Controversy

Jonathan Roumie as Jesus in The Chosen
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The ending of Episode 3 of The Chosen Season 4 was not only tragic but also controversial, as Jesus did not take any action. 

One of the series' longrunning storylines involved the budding romance between two of Jesus' followers, Thomas and Ramah

Leading up to Episode 3's climactic events, Jesus agrees to bless their marriage despite Ramah's father's failing to do so. There's a particularly touching scene involving Thomas giving Ramah a betrothal gift. 

But toward the end of the third episode, after Jesus heals a blind man, a heated debate between Jesus and the Pharisees begins to spiral out of control. 

After Thomas finds Ramah amongst the chaotic crowd, the equally out-of-control Roman magistrate, Quintas, accidentally stabs Ramah and kills her.

This is followed by Thomas petitioning Jesus to heal her, only for Him to say it's not her time to be healed or resurrected.

Ramah's death in The Chosen Season 4, Episode 3
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The audience's reaction to the scene has been multifaceted. Some believe Jesus' response and lack of action are Biblically inaccurate and contrary to his nature. Others expressed dissatisfaction with the fictional storyline because it's not in the Bible. 

For instance, @RageBot_ on X (formerly Twitter) posted that The Chosen took the Ramah storyline "WAY too far:"

"'The Chosen' took the (completely fictional) story line with Ramah WAY too far. It distracts from and dilutes an amazing story. It’s such a shame that the writers felt the need to augment the story of Christ in a material way."

Meanwhile, @amleeftink also pointed out on X how the fictional Ramah storyline ultimately "overshadowed" Jesus healing the blind man, an event that did occur in the Bible:

"The healing by Jesus of the blind born man (in Jeruzalem, not Capernaum) is a great story in the bible. Unfortunate that this story is overshadowed by the killing of #Ramah in @thechosentv s4e3."

@jdrealestatetx posted that Jesus not resurrecting Ramah is "not Biblical" and "something NOT in his nature:"

"Dallas Jenkins allowing Ramah to die, who is betrothed to Thomas, is not Biblical, at all. Yet he focused a lot of episode 4 on the funeral walk, till her father takes over the cart. And Jesus not resurrecting her, again, is something NOT his nature."

Lastly, @agyeitah pointed out that "Jesus didn't lose any of his disciples:"

"I think killing Ramah was quite unbiblical. Jesus didn't lose any of his disciples."

Why Did The Chosen Kill Ramah?

The reaction to Episode 3 is something The Chosen is aware of and has openly addressed more than once. 

In a promotional email for the show, The Chosen even referred to the Season 4 episode as "our most controversial yet" and acknowledged how it "really struck a nerve with fans:"

"Our most controversial episode yet?
Now, in Episode Three, everything changes. This episode—perhaps more than any before it—really struck a nerve with fans. Even our own team members didn’t quite know how to process everything that goes down."

During the Episode 3 live stream on June 9, series creator, showrunner, and director Dallas Jenkins discussed the choice, saying how they wanted to include spiritual truths not only from the Gospels but "the entirety of the Bible."

He also acknowledged that "What you just saw is not something took place in Scripture" but is "something that people go through every day all over the world."

Jenkins noted that The Chosen believed "it was essential to raise some of these difficult questions" and that it was not "something we took lightly, it's not something we did just because."

Since the first-ever series about the ministry of Jesus and his followers has never claimed to be a direct adaptation of the Bible or a replacement, liberties and creative license are to be expected and arguably necessary for the TV medium.

Still, the portrayal of Jesus' response to Ramah's death differs.

While the goal was to showcase what the showrunners believe to be a Biblical truth, not all viewers and those within the Christian faith agree with that assessment.

Adding to the controversy is the fact that the show relied on a fictional event to communicate it. In doing so, it may have overshadowed a Biblically accurate event in which Jesus had an opposite response.

The events of Episode 3 are expected to continue in Episode 4 and throughout the show's fourth season. 

Episode 4 of The Chosen premieres on Thursday, June 13  at 8:30 p.m. ET on YouTube, The Chosen's free app, and the show's social media platforms.

Seasons 1-3 are streaming on Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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