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Fans of The Chosen may have noticed that Yoshi Barrigas is no longer playing Philip in Season 4. 

First introduced in Episode 2 of Season 2, Philip was a former disciple of John the Baptist and one of the few disciples with experience in ministry and life on the road. 

But after playing Philip for two seasons, Yoshi Barrigas opted to leave The Chosen and has since been replaced by actor Reza Diakos

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Why Philip's Yoshi Barrigas Exited The Chosen

Yoshi Barrigas as Philip in The Chosen
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Since The Chosen recast Philip between Seasons 3 and 4, the question audiences are asking is why Yoshi Barrigas chose to leave the hit historical drama. 

While the reasons why Barrigas left are still unknown, in a now-deleted Instagram post, the actor cited "professional and personal" reasons:

"Hello. It is true. For professional and personal reasons I will no longer be a part of 'The Chosen'. First and foremost I want to thank you, the fans. Our connection and your constant showering of love and support has seeded me with a warmth that will forever nourish me. Meeting you out in the world and hearing how the show has personally enriched your lives continues to be the connective tissue between me and the good folk of this world. You inspire me to continue to die to self and discover The Way. I hope you continue to follow my journey. I have a lot more to share with you."

In his post, Yoshi Barrigas acknowledged The Chosen's creator, director, and showrunner, Dallas Jenkins, and expressed gratitude for getting to learn the "depths of [his] craft," and how the show "operated as a vessel for God to demand I begin to know him:"

"I could not have gotten to where I am now without you, and without 'The Chosen'. I want to thank Dallas [Jenkins] and Amanda for changing my life and entrusting me in the role of Philip. I physically see and feel the impact Dallas’s baby has had on humanity when you all approach me and share your stories. It is so positively overwhelming. I learned how a set operates. I learned the infinite depths of my craft and the many ways to approach it. And most importantly, the show operated as a vessel for God to demand that I begin to know him. To praise him. To enjoy him! My studies of scripture have and continue to chip away at all my excess marble. Finally I want to thank the incredible crew. It was an absolute honor to be a part of your family. I learned so much from watching your passionate work, and was spoiled by the kindness you managed to radiate whilst focused on the task at hand."

Barrigas ended his post with the assurance that he will "continue to be a fan and supporter of The Chosen" and requested that fans welcome "the new Philip:"

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to each and every one of you. I will continue to be a fan and supporter of 'The Chosen'. Let’s all welcome and support the new Philip, who has an exciting opportunity to bring himself to the character. I’m happy for him and the journey he is about to undertake."

Since then, and in a March 2024 interview with Canvas Rebel, Barrigas further reflected on his time in the Jonathan Roumie-led series.

In addition to noting how he "sort of made him [Philip] the hippie of the group," the actor shared how he rigorously prepared for the role by "fasting, going on long arduous hikes," as well as "cold plunges" and "vows of silence."

However, he soon discovered that preparation wasn't necessary as his "best scenes as Philip were the ones where I allowed myself to have fun:"

"As I worked on the show I started learning that the best way for me to contribute was to learn my lines whilst trying my best not to pre plan my performance, and then just show up and surrender and trust that there was something in me that would express itself in accordance with the scene so long as I could get out of my own way. My biggest battle as a creative was, and still is, the pressure I put on myself. For sure my best scenes as Philip were the ones where I allowed myself to have fun and let Yoshi come out for a dance."

While Yoshi Barrigas has yet to reveal just why he left The Chosen, several fans have speculated the actor's health issues related to back problems may have influenced his decision. 

The Future of Philip in The Chosen

Since Yoshi Barrigas left the series in 2023, the actor has gone on to play Joseph Burdon in another Bible-inspired story, 47 Days With Jesus.

Meanwhile, Reza Diako made his Philip the Apostle debut in Episode 1 of Season 4 and, as confirmed on his Instagram, is currently shooting Season 5

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time The Chosen has recast one of Jesus' twelve disciples as Big James was played by actor Shayan Sobhian and Kian Kavousi before Abe Bueno-Jallad landed the role in Season 2. 

The difference is those casting changes occurred in the early days of the series, and Yoshi Barrigas' portrayal was integral to the character from his introduction. 

While fans are sure to notice the change between the two Philips, the good news is that Barrigas remains positive about his tenure with The Chosen

And, with three more seasons on the way, Reza Diako has time to establish himself within the cast and to make the role his own. 

Episode 1 of Season 4 is streaming exclusively on The Chosen app and the show's social media. Episode 2 premieres at 8:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, June 6.

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