The Chosen Show Announces Disney+ Streaming Release Details

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Fans now know why The Chosen is streaming on Disney+

Following a new update concerning Season 4's release, all three seasons of the Jonathan Roumie-led TV series began streaming on Hulu and Disney+ on April 29. 

Since the popular multi-season show was already available on the show's app and various other platforms, many questioned why The Chosen chose the Disney-owned streamer as well. 

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Why Is The Chosen on Disney+?

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In a special livestream for The Chosen, executive producer Derral Eves addressed why the show is now available on Disney+. 

The producer began by acknowledging that "there's some people very upset" about the Bible-based series utilizing the Disney platform:

"I want to say this because I watch social media. And there's some people very upset. They're asking why are we doing that, and I'm saying not only are we on Hulu and Disney+, but we're actually in the prison systems too."

He explained that it's about "impacting people where they're at:"

"It's all about having that show impacting people where they're at. We're on this livestream, you can find 'The Chosen' on YouTube, you can find it on Netflix, on Amazon. You can find it on all these different networks all around the world, including Hulu and Disney+."

He also noted that every time The Chosen is on a new platform, they see a "new insurgence of people finding out about the show."

As for why an independent, crowdfunded series designed to be free embraces so many platforms, including Disney+, Eves claimed it's about "impact" and doing what "the content's made to do." 

"And the reason why is we want a billion people to see the show. And we know if one person can just see it and share it, and it can impact them in the way that they need to be impacted, then we can truly have what the content's made to do which is ultimately have people start going and wanting to have a deeper relationship with God."

Why The Chosen Embraces Screens Both Big & Small

Disney+ isn't the only new means of distribution The Chosen embraced in recent months. 

After releasing Christmas specials and select Season 3 episodes in theaters, all eight episodes of The Chosen Season 4 enjoyed an exclusive theatrical window earlier this year.

While Season 4's streaming debut was ultimately delayed due to arbitration, those new episodes will begin streaming in the coming weeks. 

An official release date has yet to be confirmed.

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are available on Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Hulu, Disney+, and for free on The Chosen app.

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