The Chosen Season 4 Gets New Streaming Release Announcement

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The Chosen Season 4

Fans finally know when The Chosen Season 4 begins streaming, and it may be sooner than expected.

Following an exclusive theatrical run, legal issues and new sustainability efforts delayed the Season 4 streaming release of the popular and independent multi-season show about the authentic life of Jesus and his followers.

But now that filming for Season 5 is underway, The Chosen has revealed when audiences can expect to stream the latest episodes from home. 

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The Chosen Season 4's New Streaming Announcement 

The Chosen Season 4
The Chosen Season 4

In an April 21 livestream, The Chosen creator and showrunner Dallas Jenkins announced that, barring no further legal surprises, Season 4 will be released "within the next four to seven weeks."

Therefore, at the earliest, new episodes should begin streaming towards the end of May and, at the latest, mid-June. 

This supports one of Dallas Jenkins' more recent claims that the wait for Season 4's streaming debut wouldn't take "three months" and would "be shorter than that."

Season 4 is expected to premiere on The Chosen app first and for free, followed by a home video release.

But even though Dallas Jenkins wasn't able to give an exact release date just yet, he did confirm a two-episode per week drop which is expected to occur on Sundays and Thursdays.

The Future of The Chosen

While past seasons of The Chosen, including Season 4, covered various events from the New Testament, Season 5 is different. 

According to Jenkins, the next season covers a single week, known as "Holy Week," beginning with the events of Palm Sunday.

Meanwhile, Season 6 is expected to be even more concentrated as it focuses on the Crucifixion; and the final season, Season 7, is planned to cover the Resurrection

However, it's worth noting that amidst Season 4's streaming delay, the show has been "exploring" options regarding its distribution model. 

This may be due to The Chosen being an entertainment anomaly due to its studio independence and the fact it's designed to be free, but still as high-quality and relatable as studio-backed shows and productions. 

Therefore, a major question following Season 4's home release will be whether The Chosen continues to utilize third-party broadcasts and platforms like Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix moving forward.

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Peacock and for free on The Chosen app.

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