The Chosen Season 4's Streaming Release Gets Exciting Update from Official App

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A new update on The Chosen's official app suggests the wait is almost over for Season 4's streaming debut. 

Following an unprecedented theatrical release, legal issues prevented Season 4 of the hit historical drama from releasing on streaming platforms and the show's own streaming app. 

But following an encouraging update from the series showrunner, audiences now have evidence that Season 4 is about to drop. 

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The Chosen App's Season 4 Release Update

In recent days, the official app for The Chosen now features a tab reading "Season 4 (Coming Soon)," as well as a title card and picture for the latest season's Episode 1 titled "Promises."

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While the Jonathan Roumie-led series is available to watch on various platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Peacock, and most recently Disney+, The Chosen's official app typically receives new episodes first.

Also, in keeping with the show's mission, there's no fee or cost to stream.

Therefore, a Season 4 addition to the app indicates previous legal issues may have been resolved and a release is imminent. 

The update also supports the timeline The Chosen's director and showrunner Dallas Jenkins provided on April 21 when he announced Season 4 will begin streaming "within the next four to seven weeks." 

For reference, that means new episodes of the personal, groundbreaking series should be available to debut anytime beginning this week through mid-June.

How Will The Chosen Season 4 Be Released?

While The Chosen has yet to announce an official release date, a few rumored dates are making the rounds online. 

For instance, certain retailers offering preorders for The Chosen Season 4's Blu-ray and DVDs now show June 25, 2024, as the day the product becomes available.

However, since these dates can be placeholders for retailers, and June 25 falls outside the release timeline Dallas Jenkins shared, it's unknown whether this date is accurate. 

Another rumored release date, shared via The Chosen Sleuth, is Thursday, May 30. 

Regardless of whether these rumored dates are accurate, Season 4 of The Chosen is expected to stream on the show's official app before other platforms and network TV.

Dallas Jenkins has also announced a two-episode per week drop, likely on Sundays and Thursdays.

Therefore, those watching the series via Peacock, Disney+, or who ordered DVDs and Blu-rays, may have to wait a bit longer.

All release and viewing questions are expected to be addressed once Season 4's release date is officially revealed, and this exciting app update suggests that official announcement is imminent. 

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, and for free on The Chosen app.

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