The Chosen Season 4 Announces Disney+ Streaming Release Window

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The timeline for when The Chosen Season 4 drops on streaming platforms has been revealed.

Following a contract-related delay, Season 4 of the popular drama about the ministry of Jesus is currently releasing two episodes a week on the show's social media and The Chosen app

But since previous seasons of the series are available on streaming platforms, and most recently Disney+, the question is when the eight-episode season will premiere there too. 

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When Will The Chosen Season 4 Release on Disney+

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In a press conference with Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen's director and showrunner told The Direct to anticipate a "60-day window or a 90 window" for when Season 4 drops on streaming platforms, including Disney+:

"We don't know if it's going to be a 60 day window or a 90 window after Season 4 launches on 'The Chosen' app. So it's going to be on 'The Chosen' app first."

In addition to the House of Mouse's streaming service, The Chosen's previous three seasons are also available on Peacock, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and The CW; Season 1 is only available on Netflix

Dallas Jenkins also made mention of a potential "exclusive relationship with a streamer" and that "Those discussions are happening now:"

"But we're also in discussions about potentially an exclusive relationship with a streamer where future seasons could be available solely not only on 'The Chosen' app but in that other streaming platform after that first window. Or potentially in their own first window. So we don't know yet. Those discussions are happening now. But we know that Season 4 will be coming soon, probably within 60 to 90 days after it releases in 'The Chosen' app."

For reference, Episode 1 debuted on Sunday, June 2, and Episode 8 is set to release on Thursday, June 27. 

Since it's unknown whether the window began with Episode 1's release, or will begin with Episode 8, the projected timeline for Season 4's streaming service arrival is between August and September of 2024.

Why The Chosen Streams on Disney+ and More

When The Chosen debuted on Disney+ and Hulu in May, series executive producer Derral Eves explained the decision, saying, "It's all about having that show impacting people where they're at."

Eves went on to explain that if one person can see the show "it can impact them in the way that they need to be impacted" and then "we can truly have what the content's made to do:"

"And the reason why is we want a billion people to see the show. And we know if one person can just see it and share it, and it can impact them in the way that they need to be impacted, then we can truly have what the content's made to do which is ultimately have people start going and wanting to have a deeper relationship with God."

Since the goal of the show is to be seen by the masses, that "60 to 90" day window will likely remain The Chosen's showrunners' goal following Season 4's release on the show's free app. 

Episode 1 of Season 4 is available on The Chosen app and YouTube. Episode 2 of Season 4 premieres online at 8:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, June 6.

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