The Chosen Season 4 Gets Exciting Streaming Release Update from Creator

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The Chosen's creator and director updated audiences about Season 4's anticipated streaming release. 

While legal issues paused the streaming debut of the latest season of the popular Jonathan Roumie-led drama, Dallas Jenkins has kept fans in the loop through a series of updates.

However, the latest just might be the most exciting yet. 

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The Chosen Season 4's New Streaming Update

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The Chosen

In a video shared via text to fans, The Chosen's creator & showrunner Dallas Jenkins reconfirmed that Season 4's streaming delay is almost over, saying, "It could be tomorrow:"

"Now, Season 4, we're going to get the information. I mean, our attorneys thought it would be a couple of days ago, but it could be today, it could be tomorrow. It's not gonna be longer than like a week and a half that we're going to get the decision from the arbitrator about the legal situation that we're in."

Since this video was shared several days prior, that "week and a half" timeline means Season 4's streaming release date is expected at any time. 

Jenkins also noted he will "make a big announcement" once the decision is made, and, depending on the day, "launch the show on the first Sunday after:"

"And as soon as we do, I will make a big announcement, and we will launch the show on the first Sunday after that. Unless we hear on like a Friday and then, because we need time to promote it, and to make sure everyone can clear their schedules."

Unlike previous seasons, the director explained new episodes will be released "on Sunday and Thursday nights twice a week" and for "four weeks:" 

"But it'll be out on Sunday and Thursday nights twice a week for four weeks, so that we can shrink the release window a little bit, just to get it to you quicker."

As for those who preordered DVDs and Blu-rays, Jenkins revealed they will be shipped "the moment we get the announcement:"

"And if you've ordered the DVD, if you pre-ordered the DVD, the moment we get the announcement, we're going to be able to ship it to you, and you'll get to watch all eight episodes if you’re old school. Maybe you're a little technologically behind and you've still got a DVD player, but in this case, the last will be first and you'll be able to watch all eight episodes at once, if you want."

Other News About The Chosen Season 4

This news not only supports the timeline Dallas Jenkins first provided in April, but it also comes on the heels of The Chosen's official app gaining episode title cards for Season 4. 

The free app is actually where the new episodes will premiere on Sunday and Thursday nights; streaming platforms are expected to receive Season 4 at a later date. 

It's also news to learn that fans who preordered Season 4 will receive their DVDs and Blu-rays as quickly as possible, meaning they will be the first with the ability to binge the latest batch of episodes. 

Further information about The Chosen's long-awaited Season 4 release is expected to be revealed once the announcement is made. Fans can expect that same announcement at any time. 

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, and for free on The Chosen app. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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