The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Release Corruption Allegations Get Official Response from Studio

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The Chosen

The Chosen responded to allegations concerning Season 4's delayed release. 

In February 2024, The Chosen premiered all eight episodes of its latest season exclusively in theaters with a streaming and linear TV release to follow. 

Unfortunately, "legal matters" delayed Season 4's streaming debut, leading to audience frustration before the studio gave an official response to those complaints.

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The Chosen Responds to Season 4 Release Allegations

The Chosen
The Chosen

As the wait continues for The Chosen Season 4's streaming and home release, certain members of the Bible-based series' audience have begun to question the studio's motives and even called for a boycott.

For instance, on X (formerly Twitter), a certain individual accused the historical drama of withholding Season 4 "because you want more money:"

"Where is season 4? After it was funded by donations, you guys are holding it from release because you want more money??? You talk a good game, but the love of money corrupts #BoycottChosen."

The Chosen indeed began as a crowd-funded project, and while distributed by Lionsgate, it still functions independently from the typical studio system. 

This fact, coupled with the show's acclaim and current 770 million episode views, makes the series an anomaly within the entertainment industry.

But what's even more unorthodox is the fact that The Chosen is designed to be free and streams without cost on the show's ad-free app.  

Since series showrunner and director Dallas Jenkins announced the Season 4 delay, he's kept fans and supporters updated via live streams with the latest being news of a "four to seven weeks" timeline for release. 

The Chosen actually referenced this effort for transparency in responding to corruption allegations on X, referring to their "videos and information for the more accurate picture:"

"We’re sorry the sources you’ve heard from have left out any context or clarity. Hopefully you’ll consider checking out our videos and information for the more accurate picture."

Explaining The Chosen's Decisions 

To date, The Chosen hasn't exposed the details concerning the ongoing legal dispute.

However, it is believed that the historical drama is in arbitration with Angel Studios, a previous distributor. 

What appears to confuse the general public, and may fuel false allegations, is The Chosen's interest in theatrical releases and new streaming platforms (such as Disney+), all while still being supported by donations. 

The reason for this is twofold. 

For one, the multi-season series doesn't have financial funding from a studio but still needs revenue to reach its seven-season goal.

The second reason was explained by The Chosen's Executive Producer Derral Eves who said it's, "about having the show impacting people where they're at." 

Also, every time the series hits a new platform, he noted they see a "new insurgence of people finding out about the show." 

As further evidence that the delay has nothing to do with a "love of money," Season 4 of The Chosen is still expected to stream for free on the show's app before dropping on Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more. 

A Season 4 streaming release date announcement is expected at any time. 

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are available on Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Hulu, Disney+, and for free on The Chosen app.

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