The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Release Gets Unfortunate Update (Official)

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Jesus in The Chosen

The Chosen's Season 4 streaming debut will take longer than anticipated. 

Since February 2024, all eight episodes of the hit, grassroots series have been playing exclusively in theaters ahead of premiering on the show's website, app, and streaming service.

On the heels of The Chosen claiming Season 4 is coming to streaming "Soon," and now that Episodes 7 and 8 have completed their theatrical run, series showrunner Dallas Jenkins shared an unfortunate release update, along with additional news for how audiences can catch up with Season 4. 

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The Chosen Season 4's Disappointing Streaming Update

Jesus in The Chosen
The Chosen

In a new video posted to The Chosen YouTube channel, Dallas Jenkins shared some unfortunate news concerning Season 4's streaming release, with the latter being "a delay longer than we anticipated and hoped for:"

"The bad news part of what I'm delivering which is that we cannot release Season 4 to streaming now, and there will be a delay longer than we anticipated and hoped for. There are some legal matters that we are dealing with right now that are hopefully being resolved..."

While Jenkins couldn't expound on the details of those "legal matters," he did explain The Chosen's unique challenges and its alternative path from production to screen. 

For instance, while the hit series does play in theaters and is available on various streaming platforms, it's free for audiences to watch online or via the app. 

It's also financially supported and translated into hundreds of languages for worldwide viewing via the nonprofit Come and See Foundation

But the biggest difference, and likely the biggest hurdle, is the fact that The Chosen "doesn't have a studio or network" to fund production or to spend on marketing. 

According to Jenkins, the steps they're taking now, and likely the reason for the delay, is to allow for future sustainability. 

Even so, the fact remains that Season 4 is still not coming to streaming when originally expected. 

As a result, Dallas Jenkins announced a few alternatives in order for audiences to view the newest batch of eight episodes sooner rather than later.

In addition to the Come and See Foundation bringing Season 4 to churches "beginning on March 13," The Chosen is "working with theaters to keep extending this opportunity to see Season 4" and "potentially at a discount."

Jenkins also shared that when Season 4 does premiere on streaming, "we will be releasing it faster than we've normally done it in the past" which is "twice a week in 'The Chosen' app." 

Finally, for those looking to binge "the entire season at once," the writer and director has an option for that as well:

"We will be offering the entire season at once if you want to do it that way on DVD and there will be a paid streaming option..."

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Is The Chosen In Trouble?

In Dallas Jenkins' update video, he also alluded to the future of The Chosen, saying more than once that "we have three more seasons left." 

This echoes what media outlets have heard from him in the past about having "plotted out the seven seasons" and how Season 5 is expected to begin filming in April 2024.

It is worth noting that Jenkins didn't mention the potential for "a feature film" this time. But since he did note the financial sustainability of a theatrical film, it wouldn't be surprising if that option is still on the table. 

Overall, while it does sound like The Chosen hit a streaming snag, it's not in danger of not being released or continuing forward.

To date, The Chosen is the first multi-season series about the life and ministry of Jesus and his followers that opted for authentic, personal portrayals with the goal of big-budget quality.

As a result, The Chosen has garnered a significant following of its own and become one of the most-watched, crowdfunded series in history.

The question now isn't whether The Chosen will survive but if its current legal delay is just the latest chapter in its history of bypassing the traditional Hollywood system. 

Season 4 of The Chosen is now playing in theaters; Season 1-3 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video

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