The Chosen Season 4's Streaming Release Gets Promising Update (Official)

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The Chosen Jesus

Fans got an exciting new update on when The Chosen Season 4 could make its official streaming debut.

The Chosen Season 4 is currently making its way through theaters, as all eight episodes get their time to shine on the big screen before becoming accessible to watch at home.

Season 4 brings a great deal of pain across its entire season as Jesus and the 12 disciples make their way across the land helping and protecting those in need, with only a few chapters remaining in this story.

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New Update on The Chosen Season 4's Streaming Premiere

The Chosen Season 4 poster Episodes 4-6
The Chosen

The Chosen's X (formerly Twitter) page offered a promising new update on when the series' Season 4 slate will be available to stream for free for all fans.

When asked by a fan when exactly Season 4 will be available to stream on The Chosen's official website, the account simply stated, "Soon," along with a smirking emoji.

Expressing appreciation for another fan's excitement of Season 4's streaming debut, the account said to "stay tuned" for an announcement on when that date will come:

"We appreciate the excitement for Season 4. Stay tuned for a streaming announcement."

The account also addressed why only two episodes were released in theaters internationally, explaining how "Episode 3 ends on a cliffhanger" and that they did not want fans to be left hanging after that moment:

"Our international audiences are relatively small, hence the one-theater release. Episode 3 ends on a cliffhanger, so we decided to stop at Episode 2 for our international audiences."

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When Will The Chosen Season 4 Begin Streaming?

From the beginning, the plan for The Chosen was to have its entire Season 4 run completed on the big screen before making its way to the show's free website.

The final three episodes of Season 4 are set to hit theaters on Thursday, February 29, and each set of episodes before Episodes 6-8 got two weeks in cinemas. This means this next set should also get the same amount of playtime.

Should these last episodes use the same release strategy, they will remain in theaters until March 14, and that date would be the absolute earliest they'd begin streaming worldwide.

Taking this all into account, a mid or late-March announcement for The Chosen Season 4's streaming release seems most likely, especially considering the use of "soon" when the team was asked about that specific timeframe.

The Chosen Season 4 is now playing in theaters, although there is no official update on when it will have its streaming release.

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