The Chosen Showrunner Confirms Which Season Will Be Its Last

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Jesus in The Chosen

Series showrunner Dallas Jenkins just reconfirmed when The Chosen will end. 

Following its 2019 debut, the first multi-season TV show about the ministry of Jesus currently spans four seasons, with Season 4 to be released online in the coming weeks.

But with Season 5's production now underway, fans are asking which season of The Chosen will be its last. 

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What Is The Chosen's Final Season?

Jonathan Roumie as Jesus in The Chosen
The Chosen

In a YouTube live stream hosted by Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen's director and creator was asked how far into the New Testament the crowdfunded series intends to cover. 

In his answer, Jenkins reconfirmed the show's set number of seasons, saying, "these seven seasons are focused on the Gospels:"

"The seven seasons of the show cover the Gospels. The ending of Season 7 will probably get a little bit into the Book of Acts. But these seven seasons are focused on the Gospels."

The Gospels refer to the first four books of the New Testament, two of which were penned by Jesus' disciples and portrayed in the hit show by Pares Patel and George H. Xanthis. 

The Book of Acts, however, is the fifth book of the New Testament which begins with Jesus' ascension and focuses on the early church.   

Still, this isn't the first time Dallas Jenkins has alluded to Season 7 being the last chapter of the Jonathan Roumie-led show. 

In a 2023 interview, the showrunner shared how he and his team "plotted out seven seasons" of the Biblical television drama and "knew how this would end" from the start.

But even though The Chosen has a planned stopping point, that's not to say Jenkins isn't thinking about other Bible-based projects for the future.

In continuing to discuss the show's coverage of the New Testament in the live stream, the director mentioned he would love to, "go deeper into the New Testament:"

"Then I will take a nap for about a year and then we will reevaluate. We will let you know if and when we have any ideas or plans for other projects. And yeah, I would love to get into the Book of Acts and go deeper into the New Testament and deeper into these stories. But a lot's going to have to happen for that to work obviously. Getting all the cast and crew back and all that. But we'll see."

Is The Chosen Just the Beginning?

Dallas Jenkins' latest round of comments is encouraging for fans of The Chosen in more ways than one. 

First of all, new confirmation of the show sticking to its original seven-season plan, and amidst the show's mounting success, signals focus, as well as confidence and direction, in the show's ongoing trajectory.

Secondly, Dallas Jenkins being open to future projects, and despite Season 4's streaming delay, bodes well for The Chosen's recent legal woes and efforts for future sustainability. 

If things still weren't going well behind the scenes, interest in going "deeper into the New Testament" and "into these stories" probably wouldn't be on Jenkins' radar. 

It's also worth noting that the showrunner exhibited continued interest in releasing future seasons in theaters in addition to streaming. 

When asked whether Season 5 will be shown in theaters like Season 4, Jenkins answered, "Yes. Hopefully. Most likely."

Seasons 1-3 of The Chosen are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and for free on The Chosen app. 

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