The Chosen Season 4: Where & How to Watch & Stream Online Now

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Following an exclusive theatrical run and a streaming holdup, Season 4 of The Chosen is finally available to watch online. Well, sort of. 

After Season 4 concluded its initial theatrical release, The Chosen's creator and showrunner Dallas Jenkins revealed the season's home release would be delayed due to "legal matters." 

While that still appears to be the case, there is one way fans can watch the first half of the eight-episode season now.

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How and Where to Stream The Chosen Season 4 

As audiences await Season 4 to drop on The Chosen's free app and streaming platforms, there is a way for some to watch the first four episodes now. 

Through the Outreach Films website, a sign-up for online viewing is available granting access to Episodes 1-4. 

The Chosen sign-up page on Outreach Films
Outreach Films

After selecting "Watch Free," users are directed to the following sign-up page to create an account:

Outreach Films' licensing for The Chosen
Outreach Films

However, it is important to note that this option is not for everyone since (as noted here) those signing up need to be in association with a church or ministry and use the episodes for communal viewings, not personal entertainment. 

Outreach Films also noted that this option grants a license with the following caveats:

  • You do not require a fee for admission to your event
  • The film/series/episode is not edited in any form, duplicated, or used for TV or Internet broadcast
  • The showing is hosted by your paid staff and the streaming link is not shared with another ministry or organization.
  • The showing is held in your own facility OR a venue outside your facility that is officially considered an extension of your organization or ministry program. Additional venues not meeting those conditions require an additional site license

After signing up, account holders should have full access to the first four episodes of Season 4, along with supplemental resources to use for group viewing. 

Now, for those who are not affiliated with a church or ministry and want to watch for personal entertainment purposes, The Chosen Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray are available for pre-order here.

Currently, it is unknown when physical home media will be available to ship. 

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Why Everyone Can't Watch The Chosen (Yet)

This is not The Chosen's only attempt to provide access to its new season amidst its current delay. 

Leading up to Easter, Season 4 was re-released in theaters for a three-day marathon and with significant discounts. 

But since those additional viewing opportunities have concluded, church viewings appear to be the only option until the reported legal dispute between the series and its original distributor and licensee Angel Studios is resolved. 

However, there is still a question about how fans can watch Season 4 once it is made available. 

For instance, while all episodes will be free to watch on The Chosen app (as free viewing is part of the show's mission), a series executive discussed the team is "exploring" whether to make The Chosen exclusive to one outlet moving forward. 

For reference, since Season 3, select seasons have been available to view on various platforms, including including Netflix, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video, as well as having been broadcast on The CW. 

Fans of The Chosen are likely to hear an update, and hopefully more information about when and where it will stream, in the coming weeks. 

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