The Chosen Season 4 Streaming Release Gets Disappointing Update from Exec

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As a theatrical re-release of The Chosen Season 4 nears its end, a series executive discussed the show's streaming status and what they're "exploring." 

Following The Chosen Season 4's unprecedented run in theaters, series showrunner Dallas Jenkins announced the series streaming release was delayed due to "legal matters," reportedly with original distributor and continuing licensee, Angel Studios

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The Chosen Season 4's Latest Streaming Update

The Chosen season 4
The Chosen

In talking with Variety, Kyle Young, The Chosen's executive vice president of distribution and marketing, confirmed that no decision has been made about when Season 4 will begin streaming or premiere via broadcast. 

But despite the lack of a timetable, Young revealed that the team behind The Chosen is currently "exploring" whether to make the show exclusive to one outlet moving forward:

“That is something we’re exploring. As we’ve adapted our distribution model, we can see that there’s huge appetite for the show on partner platforms. But a non-exclusive licensed series is not going to get a lot of promotion on the platform, because they don’t own it, and it’s on other people’s platforms. We’ll see where we go."

Unlike other entertainment ventures, the goal of The Chosen was to be free for audiences and accessible to as many viewers as possible.

This is why all three seasons are free to stream on The Chosen app. 

But for Season 3, and to reach a broader audience, the show began streaming on various platforms earlier than usual, including Netflix, Peacock, and Amazon Prime Video, as well as having been broadcast on The CW. 

While that may change for Season 4 and beyond, Young noted that "there will always be some kind of free component" of the hit Bible-based series:

"But part of the promise of ‘The Chosen’ is that there always be some kind of free component via ‘The Chosen’ app. So, working through all the things is complex."

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When Should Fans Expect The Chosen Season 4?

Due to Season 4's delayed release, the show returned to theaters for a marathon event timed to the Easter holiday and at discounted rates.

Once its expanded theatrical distribution concludes and legal matters are resolved, Season 4 will drop on The Chosen app first. This will be followed by home video and then third-party broadcast and streamer outlets.

As for The Chosen's remaining three seasons, it will be interesting to see how the fully independent, crowdfunded show continues to navigate the industry and which distribution model will serve its unique approach best. 

The Chosen Season 4 is playing now in select theaters.

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