New Superman Movie Report Reveals Unsurprising Director Candidate

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As Warner Bros. starts preparing for the first movie in the DC Universe's (DCU) Chapter 1, Superman: Legacy, an unsurprising name has come up as a potential director candidate.

DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran pulled back the curtain on the new era of the DCU in late January, which will bring 10 movies and TV shows over the next few years. Superman: Legacy will be the first of these new blockbusters as the Man of Steel is reborn, with Gunn and Safran looking to tackle a younger and less experienced Clark Kent.

While Warner Bros. is still early in development on this new Superman story, it's been revealed that Gunn will write the script for the movie, putting his stamp on the franchise right from the get-go.

But now, it appears that Gunn's duties may not stop at just writing the Superman: Legacy script and serving as the top executive behind-the-scenes.

Superman Reboot Finds Its Director?

Superman James Gunn
DC Studios

The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision newsletter revealed that DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn is likely going to direct the upcoming Superman: Legacy movie, which hits theaters in Summer 2025.

While writing the script for the Superman reboot, along with the animated Creature Commandos HBO Max series, it is also noted that Gunn is currently working with a writers' room to map out a DC story that can unfold over the next 5-10 years. 

Gunn Diving Into DCU Story Headfirst

Although James Gunn's primary job with the DC Universe is as the franchise's top executive, it's no surprise that he's close to jumping back into the directing chair so early in his tenure with DC.

After directing all three movies in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise for the MCU, along with the team's Disney+ holiday special, Gunn now appears ready to try his hand at directing a movie featuring an iconic hero like Superman now that he's made the Guardians household names.

Gunn has already taken to social media to get fans' opinions on how Superman should be developed, specifically asking whether viewers want to see the classic trunks on his costume that were absent in Zack Snyder's take on the hero.

It's abundantly clear that Gunn wants to make sure the character is done the right way by taking control of the script, and should he end up directing the movie, he'll have the chance to use the expertise he's built up over the years in a more hands-on fashion.

With more than two years before Superman: Legacy arrives and with a number of already greenlit projects to complete, Gunn will use every bit of available time to develop the Kryptonian hero's story to make sure the details are top-notch. But with his track record from the MCU being as good as it is, seeing him direct this movie should bring plenty of excitement as he starts his next venture.

Superman: Legacy will arrive in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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