Superman Reboot Movie Officially Gets Its Director

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It looks like DC Studios head James Gunn will be busier than ever due to his upcoming stint as the director of Superman: Legacy.

Gunn has been at the forefront of highlighting the upcoming first chapter of the DCU, with one of its important movies being the Superman reboot. 

Plot details of Superman: Legacy are still shrouded in secrecy, but Gunn already confirmed that it will focus on a younger iteration of the titular hero

Moreover, the DC Studios boss is writing the movie, with co-CEO Peter Safran hinting that it's his mission to persuade Gunn to direct Superman: Legacy

Who Is the Director of Superman: Legacy?

James Gunn, Superman

Speaking in an interview with ComicPop, DC Comics writer Tom King talked about an interesting detail about Superman: Legacy.

When asked about what he can share about the DC Studios' creative committee, King first admitted that it's tough to reveal certain details but he quickly explained the process of building the studio's "creative force."

The comic book writer also subtly revealed that James Gunn is the "writer and director" of Superman: Legacy:

King: “I mean, it’s tough because, there’s stuff I can talk about, and stuff I can’t… It’s a totally fair question. I mean, James Gunn is a super nerd and he’s super creative, right? He’s the writer and director of the Superman movie and he’s sort of the creative force behind all of this, him and Peter Safran. And he reached out to a group of screenwriters and myself, fantastic, amazing… whose names he’s put out there, to work on making these movies and TV shows as good as they can be.”

This is in line with The Hollywood Reporter's previous report about Gunn being the top director contender for the Superman reboot

Why James Gunn Is the Perfect Choice for Superman: Legacy

Many would agree that DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn is the most appropriate choice for directing Superman: Legacy, mainly due to the movie's overall importance.

DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran previously mentioned that Superman: Legacy marks "the start of the DCU," meaning that it will be crucial to the reboot's success. 

Some have even pointed out that Superman: Legacy is the most important movie of the DCU because it will serve as the anchor of the whole slate. 

Given that Gunn is already the writer, taking over the reins of the director mantle for him would be the perfect move for Superman: Legacy since it will allow the movie to flourish with his planned vision. 

Superman: Legacy is set to premiere in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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