Why 'So Help Me Todd' Got Cancelled, Revealed by New Report

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The reason as to why So Help Me Todd was canned will likely disappoint fans of the quirky procedural.

In So Help Me Todd, the titular Todd (Skylar Astin) is a private investigator whose license was revoked. 

He’s taken aboard his fastidious attorney mother’s (Marcia Gay Hardin) law firm and the two must navigate both the nature of the job and their relationship.

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Why Did So Help Me Todd Get the Axe? 

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On Friday, April 19, news broke that So Help Me Todd was canceled after just two seasons, leading to much dismay among the show’s fanbase. But why did the series meet its end? 

As it turned out, it comes down to the age-old killer of television programs: Ratings.

According to TVLine, although the legal drama’s ratings were consistent with those of its freshman season, it ranked last in comparison to all of CBS’ other shows, averaging 6.2 million total viewers.

But there’s a bit more to So Help Me Todd getting sent down the drain: It was partly a space issue. 

CBS has a jam-packed Fall 2024 schedule, with hits like Tracker, and Ghosts, plus brand-new shows such as the Matlock reboot and NCIS: Origins, all taking up valuable airtime slots.

So, what’s a show like So Help Me Todd, with its respectable, but lower-end ratings, to do? Unfortunately, something had to give and the series met its end.

Variety confirmed the lack of room on the Autumn slate with an individual with knowledge of the situation.

Deadline also reported that there are no plans in place for CBS to export So Help Me Todd to its streaming service Paramount+.

Could So Help Me Todd Still Live On?

Although it seems like So Help Me Todd’s goose is cooked, some audience members haven’t given up hope just yet.

Fans have taken to social media in an attempt to save the show. And this wouldn’t be out of the question, nor out of the ordinary. 

Several series over the decades have been able to dodge the Grim Reaper’s scythe. Shows like the original Star Trek and Futurama.

So Help Me Todd was an extremely well-liked program, with many finding a connection with its relatable lead characters, use of wit and humor, and overall compelling writing. It’s even been compared on many occasions to the much-beloved Psych. 

Whether the #SaveSoHelpMeTodd movement is successful or not is another story, but the series can be streamed on Paramount+.

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