FBI: Is Maggie Leaving? Missy Peregrym's Exit Scare Explained

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Missy Peregrym as Special Agent Maggie Bell in FBI

FBI Season 6, Episode 10 left Missy Peregrym's future as the show's leading character, Maggie, in jeopardy.

Since 2018, Peregrym has led the way in FBI as field agent Maggie Bell, a highly-skilled investigator with a high emotional IQ who never holds back in giving her co-workers the hard truth.

Having moved past the death of her husband (which came before the events of the series), Maggie remains an important piece of the Bureau in this series as Season 6 moves forward to new heights.

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FBI Teases Missy Peregrym's Exit

FBI Maggie

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for FBI Season 6, Episode 10.

Season 6, Episode 10 of FBI put Missy Peregrym's Maggie Bell in a precarious situation as she took a bullet that threatened her life.

The episode centered on the abduction of a pregnant woman by her father, a cult leader, leading the FBI team to set out to find her and keep her safe.

Finding her chained to a bed, a young brainwashed cult member snitched out the FBI team's presence, with Maggie and Stuart Scola protecting the pregnant woman from other people.

As a guard broke through the room, he shot Maggie before she slumped down to the floor. Thankfully, the character was able to get her gun out and shoot the guard before her partner, OA Zidan, tracked down the cult leader and forced him to make his guards stand down.

Maggie was fortunately left unharmed physically with her Kevlar vest stopping the bullet, although she admitted it was too close of a call for her. This leads her to think about her recently deceased friend Jess and her young daughter, Ella, whom Maggie is now taking care of after her mother's death.

Seeing how much that shot rattled Maggie, the episode closes with OA discussing the idea of making Maggie take some time away from the job.

What Does Maggie's Future Hold on FBI?

With only three episodes left in FBI Season 6, Maggie could be in for a major life change professionally after her most recent scare.

While she has certainly faced her fair share of life-threatening situations in past seasons, this year puts her in new territory with a young girl to look after following her good friend's death.

As seen in countless movies and TV shows, having to watch after somebody like this puts one's entire life into perspective, which OA is hoping to make happen as he prepares to talk with Maggie.

For now, Maggie leaving the series likely would not be immediate, although Season 6's last trio of episodes are sure to have her thinking about her safety more than she ever has before.

This would not necessarily mean Missy Peregrym would have to exit the series, as her character could simply be taken out of the field in favor of a more administrative position. She's proven to be a more than capable leader in all aspects, which she could continue to do from the main FBI headquarters in New York.

No matter what happens, all eyes will be on FBI's leading character in the coming weeks as her future takes shape.

The first nine episodes of FBI Season 6 are now streaming on Paramount+. New episodes air every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and stream the next day.

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