FBI 2024 Show: Who Is Hobbs?

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FBI Zeeko Zaki as Special Agent Omar Adom ‘OA’ Zidan and Missy Peregrym as Special Agent Maggie Bell

FBI fans grew attached to Roshawn Franklin’s Trevor Hobbs over the years as his influence on the series continues into 2024.

Roshawn Franklin first joined the FBI scene in Season 2 as part of a group of analysts from the Joint Operations Center, with his character, Trevor Hobbs, serving as the ultimate team player of the group.

Franklin is perhaps best known for his roles in What Men Want and Nashville along with two uncredited roles in the MCU, although FBI Season 6 gave fans quite a shock for his long-standing character.

Roshawn Franklin's FBI Role as Trevor Hobbs

Roshawn Franklin as Trevor Hobbs in FBI

Following more than 30 episodes of work on FBI, Roshawn Franklin's Trevor Hobbs was tragically killed off in the first episode of Season 6 after being shot by a terrorist at close range.

This came after he was enlisted to help track down the terrorist as Katherine Renee Kane's Tiffany Wallace encouraged him to follow the terrorist into the bathroom while doing undercover recon at a restaurant.

Speaking with TV Insider before the season started, Maggie Bell actress Missy Peregrym teased how heavy of an episode the season opener would be, indicating they would "lose a family member" before Hobbs' death:

"We lose a family member. It’s a very heavy episode about the risk of the jobs that we do and how much it affects us when things go the wrong way, and that’s how we start the season."

Showrunner Rick Eid even told Parade Magazine (via Distractify) that the consequences of that death would "linger throughout the season:"

"The consequences of this tragedy will linger throughout the season. One of our characters feels responsible for this person's death. These feelings of anger and guilt will definitely reverberate throughout the season."

FBI Season 6, Episode 8 saw the core team encounter the terrorist group out of Somalia which was responsible for Hobbs' death when he was undercover with Wallace.

Wallace tracked down the terrorist who killed her friend, Hakim, wanting to find justice for that tragedy. She even disobeyed direct orders from her superiors in pursuit of Hakim, although she did not end up catching him yet.

To close, she visits Hobbs' widow at the end of the episode, feeling fully responsible for his death and refusing to stop hunting down his killer.

What Will Happen in FBI Season 6?

Even though Wallace and the team got closer to stopping the group of terrorists who killed Trevor Hobbs, the organization remains at large more than halfway through 2024's Season 6.

With Season 6 being only 13 episodes (a much shorter slate than FBI normally sees), this pursuit is likely to start heating up quickly with so much story to get to in only five more episodes.

It's difficult to tell whether anybody else on the team will meet their death after Trevor Hobbs, particularly with the rest of the characters already on edge while trying to protect themselves and their friends.

On top of that, previous episodes have also featured important supporting characters dying (including Maggie Bell's close friend Jess). But with no shortage of drama already, the CBS show may look to take a no-holds-barred approach, giving fans everything they can handle as the season comes to an end.

The first eight episodes of FBI Season 6 are now streaming on Paramount+. New episodes air every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and stream the next day.

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