FBI 2024 Show: Who Is Jess?

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FBI brings an important new supporting character, Jessica Blake, to the forefront in 2024's Season 6.

Season 6 already features plenty of thrilling storylines for CBS' team in FBI, including a poisonous gas leak and a kidnapping from a New York migrant center.

These episodes also spotlight actress Charlotte Sullivan, best known for her previous roles in Chicago Fire and Law & Order: Organized Crime.

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Who Is Jess in FBI Season 6?

Charlotte Sullivan as Jessica Blake in FBI Season 6
Charlotte Sullivan

Episode 4 of FBI Season 6 introduces Charlotte Sullivan as FBI agent Jessica Blake, who runs the Bureau's Counterterrorism Unit. She is also shown to be a close friend of Missy Peregrym's Maggie Bell from their time at Quantico as they run into one another early in Episode 4.

Episode 4 also introduces Scorpion star Elyes Gabel as Hassan Bilal. Blake reveals that he works under her after he tells Bell and OA Zidan that he's with the FBI. Blake drops the ball on informing the team about Bilal, as she is also dealing with her daughter being sick simultaneously, although Maggie forgives her easily.

Blake only has minimal screen time in Season 6, Episode 5, appearing early in the episode as she and Bell bond over target practice. 

However, they start an important conversation about motherhood as they look at Blake's young daughter in the hallway. Blake asks her friend how she feels about being a mother someday.

Episode 6 sees things take a turn for the worst as Blake teams up with Bell and Zidan to take down an eco-terrorist who is killing people with a gas called ricin, which is modified with cyanide. 

While nobody is exposed to the gas, Blake suffers a mild aneurysm and has to have exploratory surgery to take care of it, leading her to name Bell as her emergency contact and the temporary guardian for her daughter, Ella.

Sadly, Bell learns that Blake does not make it as she passes away during the surgery to fix the aneurysm. Bell then has to compose herself the best she can before she breaks the news to Ella, leading to more questions about their futures.

What Will Happen After Jess' Death in FBI?

With Blake's journey on FBI coming to a quick end, the most immediate question is what will happen with her daughter, Ella, after Bell was made her temporary guardian.

Bell is also in an intriguing spot as she inquires about potentially embracing IVF treatments to have a baby of her own and embrace being a mother. 

Now, with Ella losing her mother, who happened to be Bell's best friend, this could be an unexpected and different opportunity to take on that same responsibility.

For now, Bell's position as Ella's guardian is only temporary, with no indication of whether she will permanently take on that role. But all things considered, many expect this to be the route she takes as she continues her work with the Bureau.

The first six episodes of FBI Season 6 are now streaming on Paramount+. New episodes air every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and stream the next day.

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