Full Cast of FBI Show Season 6 Episode 4 'Creating a Monster': Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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FBI Season 6 just released its Episode 4, titled "Creating a Monster," with its usual cast of actors along with a couple of special characters.

After fans saw plenty of drama in the first three episodes of Season 6, Episode 4 takes the action to a new level when Charles Pollan, a federal judge, is gunned down on the street in broad daylight.

The FBI team's investigation leads them to a local Islamic center to find the suspect in this shooting, although the person revealed to be responsible is someone nobody saw coming while on the case.

This new episode debuted on CBS on Tuesday, March 12 as part of the network's FBI block.

Every Character & Actor in FBI Season 6, Episode 4

Ahead is a list of every actor in the cast of FBI Season 6, Episode 4 (titled "Creating a Monster") along with the characters they play.

Missy Peregrym - Maggie Bell

Missy Peregrym as Maggie Bell in FBI Season 6
Missy Peregrym

Missy Peregrym plays the leading role in FBI Season 6 as Maggie Bell, an Indiana-based investigator and former police officer who primarily works cases out in the field.

She is highly in tune with others emotionally and is not one to hold back with her coworkers, although she protects her loved ones and those she cares about.

Season 6, Episode 4 sees Maggie investigating the case of Judge Pollan being shot to death in the middle of the street, largely serving as background support while other members of her team lead the charge for justice.

Peregrym is known for her work on another popular police series, Rookie Blue, and she's also seen in Stick It, Cybergeddon, and Reaper.

Zeeko Zaki - Omar Adom "OA" Zidan

Zeeko Zaki as Omar Adom
Zeeko Zaki

Zeeko Zaki stars in FBI as Special Agent Omar Adom "OA" Zidan, a former Army Ranger who moved to the Bureau following a two-year undercover stint.

Known for his Egyptian roots and Muslim heritage, Episode 4 puts OA front and center, as he investigates a local Islamic center in search of a possible terrorist cell.

Investigating the case with a fellow Muslim FBI agent, OA's faith and identity are put to the test as he lets much more emotion and passion show than usual.

Zaki is also credited for roles in Six, 24: Legacy, and The Inspectors.

John Boyd - Stuart Scola

John Boyd as Stuart Scola in FBI Season 6
John Boyd

John Boyd portrays Special Agent Stuart Scola, whose quick wit and smooth talking make him a fan-favorite character in FBI.

Scola used to be an expert on Wall Street who is known for the cynicism heard in all native New Yorkers, which he considers his birthright.

Scola assists in the manhunt for the shooter alongside the rest of the FBI team, although he takes a backseat to OA and Maggie as they lead the search.

Boyd's most recognizable work comes in 24, Lady in the Water, Argo, and Peppermint.

Katherine Renee Kane - Tiffany Wallace

Katherine Renee Kane as Tiffany Wallace in FBI Season 6
Katherine Renee Kane

Katherine Renee Kane's Tiffany Wallace came from the NYPD after being raised in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, spending six years in the department's narcotics division.

In Episode 4, Wallace speaks to a woman in the building where the FBI team tracks down who they think is the shooter, although he turns out to be the wrong man.

That woman tells Wallace she saw somebody wearing the exact outfit as the man Wallace shows her in the picture obtained from security footage.

Kane's career is just warming up, previously appearing in Extra Ordinary and The Bag.

Alana de la Garza - Isobel Castille

Alana de la Garza as Isobel Castille in FBI Season 6
Alana de la Garza

Alana de la Garza's Isobel Castile is a West Point graduate with experience in Silicon Valley, working with multiple major task forces drug units before a promotion to the head of the New York FBI office.

Castillo spends most of her time in Episode 4 at headquarters, helping to run facial recognition and surveillance on the potential suspects in the shooting.

She sends OA and Maggie out into the field to check out the Islamic center and gets some insight from Agent Billal on how to infiltrate the center to get the information they need.

Other shows highlighting de la Garza include Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Law & Order, and CSI: Miami.

Jeremy Sisto - Jubal Valentine

Jeremy Sisto as Jubal Valentine in FBI Season 6
Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto's Jubal Valentine is the assistant special agent in charge of the New York FBI Field Office, bringing a unique combination of energy and class to his role with the team as he keeps his co-workers and subordinates motivated.

Mostly avoiding his humorous nature in this episode, Valentine focuses his efforts on identifying the man responsible for the shooting through security footage as he analyzes the Muslim Hadith the shooter said to the judge.

Past appearances for Sisto include Wrong Turn, Thirteen, Clueless, and Suicide Kings.

Charlotte Sullivan - Jessica Blake 

Charlotte Sullivan as Jessica Blake in FBI Season 6
Charlotte Sullivan

Charlotte Sullivan makes a guest appearance in Season 6, Episode 4 of FBI as Maggie's former work partner, Jessica Blake, who lovingly calls Maggie "Missy."

The two previously worked together at Quantico, and Jessica now works in Counterterrorism, joining forces with Maggie on the investigation as they hunt down the person who killed Judge Pollan.

Sullivan's resume includes appearances on Mary Kills People, Chicago Fire, and Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Elyes Gabel - Hassan Billal

Elyes Gabel as Hassan Billal in FBI Season 6
Elyes Gabel

Elyes Gabel plays an important supporting role as Hassan Billal, first seen as a janitor in the Islamic center before revealing to OA that he is a fellow FBI agent.

Discussing his Muslim faith and place in the FBI with OA, Hassan pushes his luck on multiple occasions as the team searches for the suspect, even shooting himself with an unloaded gun to prove his alleged loyalty to Islam for a Saudi terrorist.

Tragically, Hassan is revealed to be the culprit behind the entire episode as the one who shoots Judge Pollan, admonishing OA for his position with the federal agency while trying to convince OA people only see him as a Muslim first.

Gabel is best known for his work in CBS' Scorpion, in which he played the leading character Walter O'Brien. His other work comes in major projects like Game of Thrones and World War Z.

Comfort Clinton - Gemma Brooks

Comfort Clinton as Gemma Brooks in FBI Season 6
Comfort Clinton

Comfort Clinton joins Season 6 in a guest role as OA's new girlfriend, Gemma Brooks, who is seen in the opening moments of Episode 4 early in the morning with OA.

Unfortunately, OA bluntly asks her about her use of drugs, specifically cocaine, before she asks him to leave. 

This discussion makes her incredibly uncomfortable, especially after she finds out OA was involved in a case that saw her friend Cate get killed in Episode 3.

Clinton's most notable credits include Billions, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Elementary.

Vedette Lim - Elise Taylor

Vedette Lim as Elise Taylor in FBI Season 6
Vedette Lim

Vedette Lim joined the FBI cast midway through Season 2 as Elise Taylor, an analyst working with the Joint Operations Center.

Elise has dealt with a few inner demons in past episodes as fans saw her almost overdosing on pills after struggling to recover from a brush with death.

She puts her expertise on display in Episode 4 as she runs facial recognition software to help identify the culprit, although her screen time is minimal this week.

Lim can also be seen on screen in No Strings Attached, True Blood, and The Undoing.

Taylor Anthony Miller - Kelly Moran

Taylor Anthony Miller as Kelly Moran in FBI Season 6
Taylor Anthony Miller

Taylor Anthony Miller arrived on the scene for FBI in Season 2 as Kelly Moran, another intelligence analyst in the Joint Operations Center.

While he does not get out from behind his desk often, he is seen taking part in the occasional of epic action sequence in past seasons

In Episode 4, Kelly does his best to pick out the shooter on traffic cams across New York City, utilizing his technological skills as best he can to locate the culprit.

Miller boasts a few single-episode appearances on other major TV programs such as Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SVU, and Burn Notice.

James Chen - Ian Lim

James Chen as Ian Lim in FBI Season 6
James Chen

Making sporadic appearances in FBI's six-season run is James Chen as Ian Lim, who excels as an analyst for the United States federal agency.

Chen works closely with the Joint Operations Center to find Judge Pollan's killer, doing so in limited screen time during Episode 4.

Chen has three seasons of work on The Walking Dead, and he was also in The Amazing Spider-Man, Law & Order: SVU, and The Mandalorian.

Fajer Al-Kaisi - Amir Barakzai

Fajer Al-Kaisi as Amir Barakzai in FBI Season 6
Fajer Al-Kaisi

Fajer Al-Kaisi makes his FBI debut as Amir Barakzai, who serves as one of the core leaders of the Islamic center being investigated by the FBI.

Amir admitted to sending a handful of threatening letters to Judge Pollan over sentencing a friend of his to ten years in prison for hate speech

However, he denies killing the judge, proclaiming his innocence regardless of the vitriol he felt.

Al-Kaisi's past work includes roles in Jellystone, Future Man, and The Report.

Kristopher Charles - Assistant District Attorney

Kristopher Charles as Assistant District Attorney in FBI Season 6

Kristopher Charles shows up in the opening moments of Episode 4 as an unnamed assistant district attorney walking with Judge Pollan when the attack happens.

He describes the shooter to OA and Maggie, detailing his height, weight, and accent along with the phrase he uttered before pulling the trigger.

Other projects featuring Charles include Only, Stranger Things, and S.W.A.T..

Monib Abhat - Yusuf Asghar

Monib Abhat as Yusuf Asghar in FBI Season 6
Monib Abhat

Monib Abhat is a prominent figure in Episode 4 without much screen time as he plays Yusuf Asghar, a Saudi banker who's also a well-known terrorist in the USA.

Later in Episode 4, he meets with Hassan, who goes undercover to try to prove his loyalty to Iraq in the fight against the United States.

Asghar gives Hassan a gun to shoot himself with in Allah's name, which Hassan does. As Hassan records the entire meeting, the FBI is able to arrest Asghar for his crimes, but not before assigning Hassan to a ceremony for an American soldier who killed Iraqis to get revenge.

Abhat can also be seen in S.W.A.T., NCIS, and Home Economics.

Kate Loprest - Congresswoman Delillo

Kate Loprest as Congresswoman Delillo in FBI Season 6
Kate Loprest

Kate Loprest helps close out Episode 4 with a minor role as Congresswoman Delillo, who hosts a memorial service for a fallen soldier which Hassan is to attend.

The FBI team attempts to warn her about an upcoming attack, but she will not hear it as she decides to move forward with the memorial anyway.

Loprest is recognizable in other projects like Living Small NYC, Boardwalk Empire, and Running Wilde.

Kayvan Shai - Adil Kazem

Kayvan Shai as Adil Kazem in FBI Season 6
Kayvan Shai

Kayvan Shai plays a young man named Adil Kazem, whom Hassan is shown to be helping throughout the episode as Adil looks inward to his faith and identity.

Thought to be a suspect for most of the episode, he eventually pulls out a gun in an attempt to kill Congresswoman Delillo and others at the memorial service, even shooting Hassan as well.

Before Hassan is revealed to be the mastermind behind the entire scheme, he shoots Adil to save OA's life, only gaining OA's trust for a moment before his own downfall.

FBI is one of Shai's only credits to date.

The first four episodes of FBI Season 6 are now streaming on Paramount+. New episodes air every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS before streaming the next day.

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