FBI Show: 2024 Release Date Schedule of New Season & Most Wanted on CBS (Confirmed)

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Dick Wolf's TV take on the Federal Bureau of Investigation returns to the small screen soon as part of the 2024 release date schedule for the FBI franchise.

Known for his work on series such as Law & Order and Chicago, Wolf started his work on the FBI series in 2018, which led to two spin-off series in the form of FBI: Most Wanted (2020) and FBI: International (2021).

The original series highlights the New York City field office criminal division of the FBI as the team keeps the Big Apple and the entire USA safe.

Most Wanted, as the show title suggests, centers on the New York Fugitive Task Force going after the FBI's "Most Wanted" list while International follows the organization's "Fly Team" in Budapest, locating threats to the USA in Europe and worldwide.

When Does FBI Return In 2024?

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CBS confirmed the upcoming schedule for the trio of series that make up the FBI franchise, letting fans know the 2024 release date for each show.

All three shows will air on Thursday nights as part of a three-hour block.

As noted by Deadline in November 2023, all new three seasons of the FBI franchise were said to be 13 episodes long, although that has not been confirmed.

This is the case for all of the shows under the Wolf Entertainment umbrella, including One Chicago and Law & Order.

FBI Season 6

FBI, the series that kicked off the franchise in 2018, will be back for its sixth season starting on Thursday, February 13, filling the 8 p.m. ET one-hour block on CBS.

The first episode of the new season will be titled "All the Rage," and the new episode's plot synopsis can be seen below:

"When a bus explosion kills several innocent people, the team jumps into action to take down the responsible terrorist organization; Scola tries to balance fatherhood with the job."

FBI: International Season 3

Following FBI on Thursday nights will be FBI: International as the Budapest-based "Fly Team" takes over at 9 p.m. ET on CBS starting on Thursday, February 13.

The plot synopsis reads as follows for Season 3, Episode 1, which comes with the title "June:"

"The team, with the help of their new intel analyst, Special Agent Amanda Tate, works to clean up the pieces left behind after a massive explosion rocks headquarters and their key suspect slips away."

FBI: Most Wanted Season 5

New York's Fugitive Task Force will conclude CBS' three-hour FBI block on Thursday nights with new episodes of FBI: Most Wanted, with the new season starting on Thursday, February 13.

Season 5, Episode 1 will be titled "Above & Beyond," and it comes with the following plot synopsis:

"When a mysterious deal goes south, the team must put the pieces together with the help of a familiar face and new addition to the team, Special Agent Nina Chase; Remy continues to grapple with the aftermath of connecting with his long-lost nephew."

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