Full Cast of FBI: International 2024 - Season 3 Main Characters & Actors (Photos)

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FBI: International logo, Luke Kleintank as Scott Forrester, Vinessa Vidotto as Cameron Vo

CBS' FBI: International is officially back with the premiere of Season 3. Led by Luke Kleintank and Heida Reed, the new installment features the returns of all its major actors and characters.

Another title coming from the mind of Dick Wolf (known for creating the Law & Order and One Chicago franchises), FBI: International is a spin-off of the flagship FBI series that first premiered in 2018. New episodes air each Tuesday on CBS and are available to stream the next day on Paramount+.

FBI: International follows agents in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) International Division as they travel the world to deal with threats aimed at citizens of the United States of America.

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Every Main Actor and Character in FBI: International Season 3

Luke Kleintank - Scott Forrester

Luke Kleintank as Scott Forrester in FBI: International

Leading FBI: International's cast is actor Luke Kleintank, who portrays Special Agent Scott Forrester.

In particular, Forrester is a supervisory special agent on the International Fly Team that has been a part of the FBI universe since before International's pilot episode.

The character first appeared in a 2021 crossover episode between FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, which went on to kick off International.

Forrester is known for having a difficult past due to his mother allegedly selling U.S. government information to Russia.

Kleintank is best known for his roles in Midway, The Goldfinch, and Crown Vic.

Heida Reed - Jamie Kellett

Heida Reed as Jamie Kellett in FBI: International

Heida Reed's Jamie Kellett is another special agent on the International Fly Team.

Working as the team's second-in-command just behind Scott Forrester, Jamie is often seen alongside her partner (whom she has worked with for five years now).

She is known for never backing down from a challenge and is particularly valuable due to her many contacts.

Reed is also known for her work in Poldark, Jo, and Against the Ice.

Carter Redwood - Andre Raines

Carter Redwood as Andre Raines in FBI: International

Special Agent Andre Raines is another character who has had a major role in FBI: International since the very first episode. He is played by actor Carter Redwood.

Prior to becoming a special agent, Raines studied accounting, making him an especially valuable asset to the team when their missions involve tracking money from criminals.

It is also worth noting that Raines is dating Stephanie Hoston's Maya Langhorn.

Redwood also appeared in Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, The Long Road Home, and 5th Ward.

Vinessa Vidotto - Cameron Vo

Vinessa Vidotto as Cameron Vo in FBI: International

Vinessa Vidotto stars in FBI: International as Special Agent Cameron Vo, a master at interrogation and strategy.

Vo is one of Fly Team's newest members, and she previously worked in Seattle, Washington before moving to New York City.

Vo is currently in a relationship with Greg Hovanessian's Damien Powell.

Vidotto is best known for her roles in Lucifer and Hacks.

Eva-Jane Willis - Megan "Smitty" Garrison

Eva-Jane Willis as Megan

Eva-Jane Willis is also a part of FBI: International's core cast. 

The actor plays Megan Garrison (who also goes by Smitty), a Europol Agent who works closely with the International Fly Team.

Megan wasn't introduced until Season 2 of FBI: International, but after proving to be a vital piece of their work, she is set to make a huge impact in Season 3.

Willis is also credited in The Power, Gangs of London, and Modi.

Christina Wolfe - Amanda Tate

Christina Wolfe as Amanda Tate in FBI: International

Christina Wolfe only recently joined the FBI: International cast in the premiere episode of Season 3.

She portrays special agent Amanda Tate, an intel analyst who was just welcomed into the Fly Team.

Tate is slated to have a major role in Season 3 as she was already able to put her skills to the test in the first episode of the new installment.

Wolfe is best known for her roles in A Weekend Away, The Ark, and Batwoman.

New episodes of FBI: International are released every Tuesday on CBS and the following day on Paramount+.

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