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FBI's cast brings a thrilling and terrifying new story to light in Season 6, Episode 11.

With only two episodes remaining in Season 6 of FBI, the New York Field Office faces one of its biggest challenges of the year as it deals with the Taliban.

This week's case sees four Taliban members shot and another kidnapped in New York with no trace of their entrance into the USA, all while personal issues plague some of the core team. 

FBI Season 6, Episode 11 premiered on CBS on May 7.

Every Main Character & Actor in FBI Season 6, Episode 11

Zeeko Zaki - Omar Adom "OA" Zidan

Zeeko Zaki as Omar in FBI Season 6
Zeeko Zaki

Taking the lead in this episode with Maggie Bell's absence is Zeeko Zaki's Omar Adom "OA" Zidan, an ex-Army Ranger who did undercover work for two years before moving to the New York field office.

Episode 11 sees OA struggle in his relationship with his girlfriend as the two work through their communication, especially since OA has a hard time opening up about most parts of his life.

He also takes the lead on a delicate new case of the week in which he has to deal with members of the Taliban who were killed, making for a difficult political situation between the FBI and the USA itself.

Zaki's past credits include roles in Six, 24: Legacy, and The Inspectors.

John Boyd - Stuart Scola

John Boyd as Stuart Scola in FBI Season 6
John Boyd 

John Boyd embodies FBI Special Agent Stuart Scola, a fan-favorite character for his way with words, which help him get out of various tight situations.

Scola puts his street smarts to work in this episode as he goes out to look for a stolen car belonging to the terrorists behind the business deal.

Boyd is also recognizable for his other work in 24, Lady in the Water, Argo, and Peppermint.

Katherine Renee Kane - Tiffany Wallace

Katherine Renee Kane as Tiffany Wallace in FBI Season 6
Katherine Renee Kane

Katherine Renee Kane's Tiffany Wallace joined the FBI team after spending six years working in the NYPD's narcotics division.

Wallace spends time working with Scola on the streets searching for a stolen vehicle while also spending time working interrogations alongside OA.

Although Kane is still early in her career, she already has appearances in projects like Extra Ordinary and The Bag.

Alana de la Garza - Isobel Castille

Alana de la Garza as Isobel Castille in FBI Season 6
Alana de la Garza

Alana de la Garza's Isobel Castile currently works as the head of the New York FBI office after graduating from West Point. She also has experience in Silicon Valley, taking the reins on multiple task force drug units before her FBI days.

Going along with the plan to let a deal happen between the United States and a terrorist organization, Castille is visibly uncomfortable with what she has to watch her team endure in this episode.

de la Garza can also be seen playing big roles in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Law & Order, and CSI: Miami.

Jeremy Sisto - Jubal Valentine

Jeremy Sisto as Jubal Valentine in FBI Season 6
Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto's Jubal Valentine works as the New York FBI Field Office's assistant special agent in charge, bringing a unique combination of energy and class to his role with the team as he motivates his co-workers.

Valentine is tasked in this episode with keeping news of this case off the radar from the public, as knowledge of it could cause national panic considering the FBI is dealing with terrorists.

He also struggles with the morals behind the deal itself, not wanting to work with adversaries as potentially dangerous as the Taliban.

Fans will also recognize Sisto for his work in Wrong Turn, Thirteen, Clueless, and Suicide Kings.

Comfort Clinton - Gemma Brooks

Comfort Clinton as Gemma Brooks in FBI Season 6
Comfort Clinton

Comfort Clinton returns for a guest starring role in FBI Season 6 as Gemma Brooks, who has been OA's girlfriend since the start of the season.

This episode gives Brooks a couple of big scenes with her boyfriend as the two struggle with communication.

Brooks tries to get OA to open up about some of the terrible experiences he has had through his job, and she has a hard time knowing he is not able to be vulnerable about those moments.

Clinton's resume boasts other appearances in Billions, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Elementary.

Rich Ting - Major Alex Kim

Rich Ting as Major Alex Kim in FBI Season 6
Rich Ting

Rich Ting enjoys a few scenes of work in FBI Season 6, Episode 11 as Major Alex Kim, whose involvement in this deal goes much deeper than others.

He is hoping to negotiate the return of a fellow soldier, James Garrett, with the Taliban as he gets into a major confrontation with the FBI.

Ting's previous work includes credits in Warrior, The Man in the High Castle, and Lone Castle.

Kate Burton - Evelyn Kates

Kate Burton as Evelyn Kates in FBI Season 6
Kate Burton 

Kate Burton takes on a character of incredibly high power in Evelyn Kates, the United States Deputy Secretary of State.

Deputy Secretary Kates explains to Castille and Valentine why this deal has to be done, which was for a mineral rights deal with the third-richest man in the world.

Although she eventually helps the FBI do the right thing, her biggest priority is keeping this case from becoming a media circus and public scandal.

Those looking for Burton's past work can see her in Big Trouble in Little China, Unfaithful, and Max Payne.

Mark Boyett - Michael Garrett

Mark Boyett as Michael Garrett in FBI Season 6
Mark Boyett

Mark Boyett takes on a single-episode appearance in FBI as an important supporting character named Dr. Michael Garrett.

Dr. Garrett winds up highly involved in the case pertaining to the Taliban, having purchased flashbangs used in the kidnapping of a high-profile terrorist.

However, he feels no regret for his actions while he searches for his son, as he believes the deaths of four other people were justified because they all had blood on their hands.

Boyett can also be seen in The Gilded Age, The Tender Bar, and Kaleidoscope.

David Christopher Wells - Leo Grant

David Christopher Wells as Leo Grant in FBI Season 6
David Christopher Wells

David Christopher Wells joins FBI's cast for this episode as Leo Grant, well-known to those involved as the third-richest man on Earth.

Grant is found early in the episode conducting an off-the-books meeting when he is confronted by Agents Zidan and Wallace as they investigate a quadruple murder.

The people meeting with Grant were all from the Taliban, wanting to make a deal with him on United States soil.

Wells' other credits include Shades of Blue, The Wrong Girl, and The Blacklist.

The first 11 episodes of FBI Season 6 are now streaming on Paramount+.

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