Full Cast of FBI: International Season 3 Episode 13 (Finale) - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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FBI International Maja Laskowska and Teri Polo

The Fosters star Teri Polo joins the cast of FBI: International to play a woman pivotal to the Fly Team's mission in the Season 3 finale. 

The season finale, "Tuxhorn," deals with the ramifications of Scott's exit as the Fly Team races against time to save one of their own while also embracing changes in the unit.

FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13 premiered on CBS on May 13.

Every Main Cast Member of FBI International Season 3 Episode 13

Vinessa Vidotto - Cameron Vo

Vinessa Vidotto as Cameron Vo in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Vinessa Vidotto

Vinessa Vidotto leads the cast of FBI: International as Cameron Vo, the second-in-command of the Fly Team. 

Vo leads the outfit to Oslo, Norway as they track down a lead to find their leader's (Scott Forrester's) whereabouts after being missing in action for days now. 

She believes that Scott's mom, Angela Cassidy, is being held in a Russian prison, and she is willing to take the risk to find Scott.  

Vidotto has credits in Lucifer, Hacks, and Piper in the Woods.

Carter Redwood - Andre Raines

Carter Redwood as Andre Raines in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Carter Redwood

Carter Redwood returns to play Andre Raines, a special agent under the umbrella of the International Fly Team, in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13.

Raines joins the team in Norway as they investigate Scott's disappearance and his mother's connection to the current situation. 

Redwood is known for his roles in Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, The Long Road Home, and 5th Ward.

Colin Donnell - Special Agent Brian Lange

Colin Donnell as Special Agent Brian Lange in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Colin Donnell

After a memorable first appearance in Episode 12, Colin Donnell reprises his role as Special Agent Brian Lange to help the International Fly Team search for Scott Forrester's whereabouts. 

Although Lange is new to the team (a temporary member to say the least), he willingly risks his position and life for them even if it means going rogue for a bit. 

Donnell's notable credits include playing the Arrowverse's Tommy Merlyn in Arrow. The actor also starred as Connor Rhodes in the Chicago One shows like Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.

Eva-Jane Willis - Megan "Smitty" Garrison

Eva-Jane Willis as Megan
Eva-Jane Willis

Eva-Jane Willis plays European Agent Megan "Smitty" Garrison of the International Fly Team. 

Smitty tries to cover for the team while in Norway since the country's foreign minister appears to be wary of the fact that the Fly Team is doing a secret mission in their territory. 

Fans may recognize Willis for her roles in The Power, Gangs of London, and Modi.

Christina Wolfe - Amanda Tate

Christina Wolfe as Amanda Tate in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Christina Wolfe

Christina Wolfe plays Amanda Tate, the International Fly Team's intel analyst who also made the trip to Norway. Amanda tells Vo that Scott will do the same thing if she goes missing. 

Amanda helps the Fly Team unpack more of the details about the Norwegian leads and the Russians who took Tess and the journalists, leading her to a weapons dealer named Bard Nikolai.

Wolfe is known for her roles in A Weekend Away, The Ark, and Batwoman.

Steven Culp - Martin Russo

Steven Culp as Martin Russo in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Steven Culp 

Martin Russo (played by Steven Culp) is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) representative who tells the truth to Vo and Lange about the fact that they are in pursuit of Angela Cassidy since they want to learn more about the hidden code word regarding a dossier that she worked on in the past. 

Russo also breaks the news that there might not be a path for Scott to return to his position with the FBI if he ever turns up. 

Culp previously appeared in Desperate Housewives, Thirteen Days, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Teri Polo - Tess

Teri Polo as Tess in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Teri Polo 

Teri Polo joins the world of FBI: International as Tess, the woman whom the Russians nabbed after believing that she might be Angela Cassidy (aka Scott Forrester's mother). 

Tess is a tenacious individual who is not scared of the moment despite the ruthless Russians who capture her. It is later revealed that she knows the real Angela Cassidy since they spent time in prison.

Polo can be seen in Meet the Fockers, Good Trouble, and NCIS.

Kate Gartside - Foreign Minister Dagny Andersen

Kate Gartside as Foreign Minister Dagny Andersen in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Kate Gartside

Kate Gartside joins the cast of FBI: International Season 3 as Foreign Minister Dagny Andersen. 

Foreign Minister Andersen appears during the early moments of the season finale as Special Agent Lange and FBI Agent Vo confront her about the two Norwegian leads who they are trying to find.

Gartside's notable credits include City Central, Mistresses, and Rescue Me.

Alton Fitzgerald White - Deputy Director Julian Adell

Alton Fitzgerald White as Deputy Director Julian Adell in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Alton Fitzgerald White

Alton Fitzgerald White is one of the guest stars of the season finale. The actor plays FBI Deputy Director Julian Adell. 

Director Adell reminds Vo and Lange that it is a huge risk that the team is in Norway, but he understands that they are doing this to find Scott. 

White is known for his roles in Law & Order, The Blacklist, and Manifest.

Alexander Terentyev - Bard Nikolai

Alexander Terentyev as Bard Nikolai in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Alexander Terentyev

Alexander Terentyev shows up in Episode 13 as Bard Nikolai, the owner of a Russian-based imports and exports business named Zero. 

Nikolai negotiates with Special Agent Lange to find and extract a Russian woman in exchange for Angela Cassidy's location. 

Terentyev's past major roles include appearances in For All Mankind, A Spy Among Friends, and The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

Maja Laskowska - Irina Safina

Maja Laskowska as Irina Safina in FBI: International Season 3, Episode 13
Maja Laskowska

Maja Laskowska stars as Irina Safina, the woman whom Brad Nikolai wants in exchange for Angela Cassidy's whereabouts. 

Irina later tells Vo and Lange that she has nothing to do with the bombing that happened in Norway and reveals that Nikolai only wants her and her son since they have an affair. 

Laskowska's major credits include The Way, Doctors, and Life and Death in the Warehouse.

All episodes of FBI: International Season 3 are available to stream on Paramount+.

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