Who Is Eric Graise? 4 Things to Know About Tracker Actor

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Eric Graise in Tracker

Appearing as a part of Tracker on CBS, Eric Graise has captured the attention of TV audiences. 

The double-leg amputee stars as the technically inclined Bob Exley in the 2024 CBS drama. Throughout the first season, Graise's character has been a major player in the Tracker story, providing Justin Hartley's Colter Shaw (aka the series' central tracker) with valuable technology in his various investigations. 

While Graise can be seen in Tracker (which is streaming on Paramount + now), he comes to the series having starred in titles like Amazon Prime Video's The Tomorrow War and Netflix's Locke & Key

4 Things To Know about Tracker Star Eric Graise

Eric Graise in Tracker

Eric Graise Was Born Missing Bones In His Legs

Aside from his talent on the screen, one of the first things fans will notice about Eric Graise is that he is a double-leg amputee. 

Graise is missing both of his legs from the knee down, making many wonder if there was any sort of accident that caused the Tracker star to lose two of his limbs. 

Well, it turns out the 34-year-old actor (born March 6, 1990) has been an amputee nearly his entire life. 

Graise was born missing his fibula bones, prompting doctors to amputate his legs when he was very young. 

On his disability, the Atlanta, Georgia native says he does not want anyone's pity. In a 2018 interview with Today, Graise said, "It's not about my disability," and he wants people to respect him for the work he puts on-screen whether he is in a wheelchair or not:

"Because what they are usually really saying is, 'If you can do that, then I have no excuse.' It is more about them, not me. And it diminishes all of my hard work. You can do anything if you work hard. I really worked hard to get here. It's not about my disability."

Since starting out in Hollywood, Graise has been very outspoken about disabled actors working in the entertainment industry. 

He fervently believes in the representation of disabled communities on-screen, hoping to get more disabled characters into bigger-name projects (via Amplitude):

"I have a dream of playing either a superhero or a supervillain. I think we in the disability community have yet to have any representation in Marvel or DC. I can’t think of a person with a disability having powers, except in the fantasy realm. I mean, you have Professor X who has a disability. You have Cyborg, a black man with multiple amputations. There’s tons of characters in the fantasy world with disabilities, but we’re not seeing any as far as actors go."

Eric Graise Was an Award-Winning Actor In College

Eric Graise is a graduate of the University of West Georgia (UWG), leaving school with a bachelor's degree in Theatre. 

However, during his time at Graise was already building quite an awards-worthy resume. 

The Tracker and Locke & Key actor was a two-time finalist at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 4.

He earned consideration for his Best Musical Actor and Best Comedic Actor at the renowned theater festival and became the first National Kennedy Center Blanche and Irving Laurie Fellow in his region (via Eric Graise's official website).

Graise starred in numerous major theater productions at UWG, including Cabaret, Once on This Island, and Rent.

Eric Graise Has Spoken At the White House

Shortly after graduating college, Eric Graise was given the distinct honor of speaking at the White House. 

The disabled actor was invited by the Barack Obama administration to speak as a part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Graise was joined by other disabled actors including Marlee Matlin, Camryn Manheim, and Ali Stroker from Glee (via World of Dance): 

"Later that year I was invited by The White House, under the Obama administration, to be a guest panelist for their 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The panel was a discussion on the arts and how people with disabilities are being represented in the arts. The event also included actors Marlee Matlin, Camryn Manheim, and Ali Stroker from 'Glee.'"

While Graise believes conversations like the one he had in Washington were important, he still thinks there is plenty of work and advocacy to do. 

Eric Graise Is Also a Writer/Director

Graise is best known to audiences for playing characters in hit dramas like Tracker or Locke & Key, and dancing in shows like Step Up: High Water. But he is also an aspiring writer/director. 

The Atlantan actor wrote and directed a short film in 2018 titled Limited Space

The short film was nominated for Best Actor in the 2018 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, telling the story of a disabled man living in the tight quarters of an airstream trailer. 

Graise has continued to write since then as well. In 2020, the Tracker actor revealed he was "writing a pilot for a series," but nothing has been heard about that project since (per Amplitude):

"I’m writing a pilot for a series that’s been kicking around for three years now. The pilot is basically finished, and I’m working on the story bible right now. It has a lot of backstory to it and tons of family heritage, and I need to know all of that heritage."

Seeing as he claims he has not been satisfied with any of the disabled characters he has played, Graise continues to write characters he would want to see serve as representatives of his community:

"When I’m writing, I’m writing a character with a disability. I’m not writing the disability, and I’m not writing a character. I’m writing a character with a disability. I think able-bodied writers and actors have a hard time putting the two together. Either they’ll create a character where their whole world is defined by their disability, or they’ll create a character that’s completely devoid of their disability. Neither one is really true to life."

Where Can Fans Follow Eric Graise Online?

Those looking to keep up with Eric Graise can do so on Instagram (@easygreazy)

Tracker Season 1 is now streaming on Paramount+.

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