Why 'CSI: Vegas' Got Cancelled, Revealed by New Report

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CSI: Vegas was officially cancelled by CBS after a three-season run, and many fans want to know why there will be no more episodes moving forward.

CSI: Vegas Season 3 just wrapped up on CBS with the season finale airing on May 19.

The show began in 2021 as one of many spin-offs of the original CSI series.

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Why Was CSI: Vegas Cancelled?

CSI: Vegas wallpaper
CSI: Vegas

Following the release of its third season, CSI: Vegas was axed completely, meaning the series will not receive any more episodes in the future.

According to a report from Deadline, CSI: Vegas (along with So Help Me Todd) had the lowest viewership of any CBS series that came out in spring.

Considering how many shows are under the CBS umbrella, the low viewership was likely a key factor in why CSI: Vegas was cancelled.

Another report from Deadline also revealed that the show's budget could have also played a role in getting the CSI spin-off cancelled.

Naturally, since there are so many different CBS series, a lot of money has to go into each one of them, and if certain shows aren't performing the way they should, they could cost all parties involved a lot of money.

It is also important to mention that that report also detailed that CSI: Vegas will not be added to the Paramount+ streaming service anytime soon, further indicating that the show is not seen as profitable in the slightest.

CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach addressed the recent cancellations (including CSI: Vegas). As shared by Variety, Reisenbach stated that the decision ultimately came down to "financials and the performance" of the shows, while also admitting that the cancellations were "tough choices" that they were forced to make:

"It is incumbent on us to always keep the schedule fresh, keep momentum going. We had to make some really tough choices this year. Everything came back [from the Hollywood strikes] really strong, but ultimately we have to look at the cohesiveness of the schedule flow. We have to evaluate the financials and the performance overall, and we make tough decisions."

What Is Next for the CSI Franchise?

Although there have been plenty of other CSI spin-offs in the past, Vegas was the only one currently airing new episodes until its cancellation.

That means, for the time being, no CSI shows are actively being released.

However, fans shouldn't be worried at all. The CSI franchise has proven to be incredibly successful and loved by many, and Reisenbach even revealed that there are plans for it to continue at some point.

In a report from Deadline (linked above), the CBS Entertainment president stated that CSI "is alive and well," and that CBS is always "in discussions" about where to go with it next:

"I definitely think that franchise is alive and well and we continue to be in discussions. It’s a part of our legacy."

CSI: Vegas is streaming now on Paramount+.

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