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CBS and Paramount+'s war dramaSEAL Team, will be returning for Season 7 sometime soon.

The TV show’s basic premise follows the daily lives of United States Navy SEALs, a special operations force considered to contain some of the most elite soldiers in the entire military.

However, it also showcases the training, planning, and actual missions that the SEALs are ordered to carry out, which are some of the most dangerous tasks imaginable.

SEAL Team has been quite successful for CBS and Paramount+. It originally debuted on CBS in 2017 but was moved to Paramount+ after Season 4.

When Is SEAL Team Season 7 Releasing?

David Boreanaz in SEAL Team

In January, it was confirmed that Paramount+ had officially renewed SEAL Team for a seventh season. Season 7 has since been confirmed to be the show's last, with the series coming to a close after this run of episodes.

A SEAL Team movie was also planned, though this is no longer in the works following the show's cancellation.

It is believed that Season 7 will feature a total of 10 episodes, which is the same number that comprised Season 6. The earlier seasons of the show that were originally aired on CBS included anywhere from 16-22 episodes, but since SEAL Team was moved to Paramount+, the episode count steadily declined.

Like many other projects, SEAL Team had to delay its production for the upcoming season due to the actors’ strike that just recently came to an end. However, despite a lot of CBS shows already confirmed to begin filming in the next few weeks such as FBI and Young SheldonSEAL Team’s official start date has yet to be announced.

Deadline recently confirmed that production would begin in December 2023 and that the series will premiere sometime in 2024.

Based on this production start, it is safe to assume that SEAL Team Season 7 won’t be officially released on Paramount+ until sometime after Quarter 1 of 2024 is over (in other terms, sometime after March since Quarter 1 is from January to March).

If Season 7 had started filming before the end of November, it would have likely been released during Quarter 1, but now fans can expect to see it sometime between April and June.

Who Is Cast in SEAL Team Season 7?

David Boreanaz in SEAL Team

The first six seasons of SEAL Team feature a core group of actors that portray the elite Navy SEALs, led by David Boreanaz, who is also known for his roles in AngelBones, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

None of the cast aside from Boreanaz from the first six seasons has been officially announced to return for Season 7. However, due to the narrative that the show has followed throughout the years - and the fact that it is ultimately centered around a specific group of SEALs - fans can expect much of the cast from Season 6 to be back for Season 7.

As mentioned, Boreanaz will be back for the final installment to lead his SEAL team, and the actor even commented in a statement via Forbes on what the journey has meant to him so far, saying that he feels “fortunate and blessed” to have been “a part” of the show, as well as the “outstanding cast and crew:”

“For six seasons I have been fortunate and blessed to be a part of an outstanding cast and crew.”

Boreanaz also took a moment to personally thank the “men and women in the military and Special OPS,” while also promising fans that the show’s seventh and final season will be treated “with love and gratitude:”

“Every day spent was a note of thanks to our men and women in the military and Special OPS. I thank our fans, and I’m proud we were able to make this show to shine light in the darkness toward so many suffering today. I look forward to season seven and the opportunity to end this series with love and gratitude.”

Along with Boreanaz, the other members of the SEAL team who have been a part of the show since the beginning are expected to reprise their roles as well.

Here is every actor that is expected to come back in SEAL Team’s final season:

  • David Boreanaz - Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes
  • Neil Brown Jr. - Chief Warrant Officer 2 Ray Perry
  • A. J. Buckley - Special Warfare Operator First Class Sonny Quinn
  • Raffi Barsoumian - Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Omar Hamza
  • Jessica Paré - Amanda “Mandy” Ellis
  • Toni Trucks - DEVGRU Intelligence Officer Lisa Davis
  • Tyler Grey - Trent Sawyer

What Will Happen in SEAL Team Season 7?

David Boreanaz and Neil Brown Jr. in SEAL Team

SEAL Team Season 6 ended by releasing the highest-rated episode of the entire series on IMDb (9.3/10) and a lot of the praise it received was due to how it set up Season 7.

The episode did provide some closure regarding the death of Clay. They sadly weren’t able to make it back to go to his funeral, but Bravo did visit his headstone and pay their final respects.

However, there was also a medal ceremony that ultimately led to Jason (in an extremely emotional moment) revealing to everyone that he has a serious brain injury and that he feels responsible for Clay’s death because of it. This moment teased that that could become a major plot point in Season 7.

Showrunner Spencer Hudnut even talked with TV Insider about how Jason could be affected in Season 7, teasing that the Master Chief may even be forced to step down and never run another operation ever again:

"[Jason] knows the conquequences of this situation, and I think he’s, for the first time, really comfortable with the idea that maybe he won’t operate again."

Unfortunately, a lot of members of the military have to deal with issues like brain trauma and PTSD, and while the show has already dealt with a lot of struggles veterans have to endure, Season 7 has the chance to explore how it will affect the main character.

Whatever ends up happening, fans can expect to see a resolution for the series as a whole. SEAL Team is known for resolving certain conflicts throughout its first six installments, so the fact that Season 7 will be ending the show entirely will likely mean that viewers will be satisfied after everything is said and done.

SEAL Team is available to stream on Paramount+.

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