Secret Invasion Director Teases Nick Fury Twist In Upcoming Episode

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Nick Fury is being set up for a major twist in Secret Invasion on Disney+, according to the series director.

Secret Invasion's first episode added new layers of intrigue upon its arrival, becoming the most recent story to take place within the MCU's grand and ever-changing timeline.

It also put Jackson's Nick Fury into the spotlight more than any project in MCU history has before, breaking all kinds of Marvel Studios records as he takes on his first headlining effort since debuting as the character in 2008's Iron Man.

Secret Invasion Director Teases Nick Fury Twist

Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

In the latest issue of SFX Magazine, Secret Invasion director teased an upcoming twist that fans should expect to see from Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury.

Looking at the threat that the Skrulls impose on the MCU with their shapeshifting abilities, Selim looked at the idea that fans can always lean on Nick Fury, although he did mention a specific twist that's coming in the near future:

"The audience can always trust Nick Fury, even though there’s a twist in the show. And you can always trust his friend Talos."

Selim hyped up the idea of finding "more security and more comfort" in characters that have plenty of layers to them, although he also noted that every character in Secret Invasion is one to watch out for:

"Those guys, when you peel back layers of the onion, you find more security and more comfort with them. Even if you’re surprised, you don’t lose trust in them. But every character in the show, you should always be on the lookout."

Looking more closely at Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury, this series will take a deeper look at the character's personal life and his demons than any other movie in which he's starred before:

"Sam Jackson would say we knew the working part of Nick Fury, but we never knew anything about his personal life. We never knew what his demons were. We never knew what his home life secrets were. He was never vulnerable or broken in any way."

Fury's home life and vulnerability will be showcased in this Disney+ series, giving fans a different take on the former SHIELD director than anything the MCU has ever delivered before:

"You find out things about Nick at home. You find out his fallibility. He goes so far as to apologize, cap in hand, and say ‘I’m sorry.’ It’s very much not Nick Fury. Sam was pretty amazing taking a character that he knew so intimately, and pivoting down deep into that character’s chest and heart."

What Will Nick Fury Be In For with MCU Twist?

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion Episode 1.

Fury's long absence from Earth following The Blip will surely be the first major topic of discussion for fans, especially with Episode 1 continually teasing how the character has changed since being dusted as part of Thanos' Snap in Avengers: Infinity War.

And even though fans saw hints of the same old Nick Fury as he went after Gravik's bomb and used his contacts with the Skrulls to reintegrate himself with the world, there's no telling what fans will learn about him in the coming weeks.

One plot point confirmed to be detailed is part of Fury's life outside of the spy world, as Charlayne Woodard is confirmed to play the spy's wife in Secret Invasion as the character's love life is explored for the first time.

And while it's unlikely that Fury will be revealed as a Skrull the way Everett Ross seemed to be at the start of the episode, this series will put everything fans know into question with each new plot development that comes.

The first episode of Secret Invasion is now streaming on Disney+.

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