Secret Invasion Director Reveals the Truth About Nick Fury's Wife Mystery

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The director of Secret Invasion has answered a hot question following the shocking ending to Episode 2, "Promises".

Disney+ has launched its latest MCU series, following a significant gap after last year's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on the service.

Tonally, Secret Invasion is radically different, separating itself from the heroes of the MCU, but taking on a massive threat to the human race.

Gravik, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, is the new Skrull leader, thirsty for vengeance and a new home for his people. The only thing in his way is an old, grizzled Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as Nick Fury.

The Skrulls' ability to shape-shift re-introduces to the MCU a terrifying threat of not being able to trust anyone because it may not truly be them.

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion.

Nick Fury Knows His Wife's Secret

Nick Fury wife in Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion director Ali Selim revealed while speaking with Deadline that in the script Nick Fury knows his wife, Priscilla, is a Skrull. However, while filming it wasn't made clear, and they ultimately edited it ambiguously to end Episode 2:

"In the script, he knows. And when we shot it, it was interesting that maybe he didn’t know. We ultimately edited it in a way that made people feel like, 'I wonder if he knows or not.'

Selim confirmed that he thinks audiences member interpretation "works" either way:

I can’t tease anything forward about his wife. The conversation in the lobby after the premiere the other night was, ‘Does he know she’s a Skrull? Or does he not?’ And I think either way works."

Fans will have to wonder this week, but may not have to wait long. Selim teased that fans "will learn interesting things about their relationship:"

“I think his wife is a support and a complication, and I think you will learn interesting things about their relationship…going forward,” Selim said. “But ultimately, that is the personal issue that he needs to confront to make this make sense to him.”

Whether he knows it or not, his wife being a Skrull will have a major impact on this personal struggle against Gravik. Selim called the mission both "external" and "internal" for Nick Fury:

"The mission is external and it’s internal. I think that Nick Fury has to vanquish a villain, and the reason he has to vanquish that villain is that he created that villain through his promise. That’s what makes it personal. I think that also is what makes this a more human Marvel story and a more dark psychological Marvel story."

Is Nick Fury's Wife the Secret to Secret Invasion?

Nick Fury with wife in Secret Invasion

The Skrull that shape-shifts into Nick Fury's wife is the same woman that was seen during the flashback scene at the beginning of Episode 2.

That scene, which introduced a young orphaned Gravik to Fury, could play largely to a possible solution to defeat the power-hungry Skrull.

In theory, if Fury's wife being a Skrull comes as a surprise, that would send the secret agent to an even darker place with little hope to defeat the imminent threat.

Fury's fundamental issue is that he lied and betrayed Gravik and a majority of the Skrulls. Finding a wait out of this mess is going to be tough, especially without the help of the Avengers.

The first two episodes of Secret Invasion are now streaming on Disney+.

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