Secret Invasion Gets Disappointing MCU Crossover Update from Director

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The director of Secret Invasion got honest about the potential for crossovers and MCU cameos in the Disney+ Marvel series.

Marvel’s latest streaming show Secret Invasion has been telling a distinctly personal tale for MCU staple Nick Fury (brought to life once again by the inimitable Samuel L. Jackson.)

The plot concerns Skrull refugees living on Earth, some of whom are angry and bitter because Fury failed to keep his promise to find them a new home.

Secret Invasion Director on Possibility of Cameos

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Speaking to TVLine, Secret Invasion director Ali Selim briefly remarked on the idea of more established MCU characters popping up in the series:

“I feel like [this series] is less about MCU people and more about the truth of this story. In a way, it’s part of the MCU, and in a way, it is separate unto itself.”

Some fans might recall that Secret Invasion was originally, and officially, spoken about as the first “crossover event series” for the MCU on Disney+. So this news may come as a significant disappointment for those who were expecting a few Avengers to arrive on the scene at some point.

Still, Selim’s quote is fairly vague, and likely deliberately so. And audiences have seen Marvel personnel obscure the truth about their content before in order to preserve any surprises that could be in store (See Andrew Garfield in the lead-up to Spider-Man: No Way Home.)

Moreover, Martin Freeman who made a quick appearance in Secret Invasion’s premiere as a Skrull posing as Everett Ross previously discussed “the amount of people crossing over with each other” and described the series as “quite labyrinthian.”

The Super Skrull-Sized Elephant in the Room

So, it’s been established that any major heroes have probably been left out of Secret Invasion’s six-episode run. This makes sense, to a degree. The show has really zeroed in on Nick Fury and how he claims he needs to fight this battle all by his lonesome.

There’s just one problem with that, and it’s not a small one.

As hinted at in Episode 2 and confirmed in Episode 3 (as well as in some of the show’s marketing), Kingsley Ben-Adir‘s Skrull terrorist Gravik is working on a Super Skrull project.

The Super Skrull is a powerful villain who frequently goes up against the Fantastic Four in the pages of Marvel Comics. He has all of the FF’s powerful abilities and he’d be a challenge to take down for almost anyone on Marvel’s vast roster of superheroes.

So, if there likely aren’t any heroes in Secret Invasion, ones with powers or advanced tech, what chance do the good guys stand against the Super Skrull (or Super Skrulls, depending on where the story heads)?

Rhodey is in Secret Invasion, but it’s been strongly hinted that he’s a Skrull himself, so any chance of War Machine swooping in to save the day goes out the window. Plus, Don Cheadle has indicated that he’s not in the armor for this one.

Fans will need to take a wait–and-see approach with this mystery as Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion still has three episodes to go. The series releases a new episode on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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