Nick Fury’s Wife Casting Confirmed by MCU Actress

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Nick Fury wife MCU

The actress playing Nick Fury’s wife in Marvel’s upcoming Secret Invasion series has been confirmed.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is perhaps the most secretive character in the MCU. He’s incredibly paranoid and always prefers to be prepared because, in the MCU, one never knows when an invading extraterrestrial force is going to roll up to Earth’s front doorstep.

With that in mind, Nick Fury is, fittingly, the lead character in Secret Invasion, the forthcoming MCU Disney+ show, considering that it will deal with the Skrulls infiltrating the planet.

Last year, it was reported that Nick Fury’s wife would be appearing in Secret Invasion alongside her husband. Fury has made oblique references to having a wife previously, but many assumed he was lying about being married. This, however, is simply not the case.

Nick Fury’s Wife Officially Has an Actress

Charlayne Woodard in In Treatment

Actress Charlayne Woodard shared a post to her website from scooper Daniel Richtman that details her role as Priscilla Fury, Nick Fury’s wife in Secret Invasion. Check out the post below:

Graphic detailing Charlayne Woodard’s role in Secret Invasion

Woodard posting the graphic confirms that she is indeed playing the spouse of Fury. Her character is also reportedly an agent of SWORD in the MCU, paralleling Nick’s career in SHIELD.

Below is a still from Secret Invasion’s trailer, showing Woodard standing in a vault.

Charlayne Woodard in Secret Invasion
Marvel Studios

Charlayne Woodard previously appeared in Pose and HBO’s In Treatment and also won a Tony Award in 1978 for her performance in the musical Ain’t Misbehavin’.

Fury Having a Secret Wife Makes Sense

As mentioned above, Fury’s paranoia and sense of secrecy are essentially his defining character traits. One doesn’t become director of SHIELD by being lenient! 

So, his being married to an as-of-yet-unseen woman makes perfect sense. The question is though, has he been married this whole time, or did he only recently tie the knot? Perhaps after the fall of SHIELD, he started to feel empty and sought out a romantic connection.

It’s also interesting that Priscilla is A SWORD agent. If the two characters did indeed meet fairly recently, their similar lines of work could have drawn them together.

In 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Fury informed Steve Rogers that he’s been kicked out of the house by his wife. But he was also conversing in code at the time due to being pursued by HYDRA, so it was easy to assume that he wasn’t being truthful about his marital status.

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion is likely set to debut sometime this summer. 

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