Funko Unveils Marvel Pop Figures For 'Detention' Captain America, Infinity War Nick Fury

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Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom is gearing up for so much new content about to arrive in Phase 4 by the end of the year, dedicated diehards are still keen on celebrating the franchise's impressive past. The higher-ups at the studio are well aware of this fact, leading to releases of dozens of new collectible items over the past few months to celebrate both major individual moments and characters within the MCU along with the entire franchise as a whole.

Some of the most popular of these collectible items are Funko Pops, which not only help to tease the exciting projects the MCU has coming down the pipeline, but also to help commemorate some of the most memorable characters that Marvel Studios has put on the big screen over the past twelve years. A new blast on social media has revealed two brand new MCU Funko Pops that show both one of the funniest and one of the most devastating moments of Phase 3.


A new post from the dis.pops Instagram page has revealed a look at two brand new MCU-based Funko Pops as a part of the Marvel Collector Corps - The Infinity Saga End Credits Scenes box. One figurine depicts Captain America sitting in a chair for his "So... you have detention" promotional video from the plot of Spider-Man: Homecoming, while the other shows Nick Fury dissolving into dust during the end-credits scene from Avengers: Infinity War.

Both new Funko Pops can be seen below:

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These new Funko Pops should be quite the hit for MCU collectors, depicting two of the most highly-discussed scenes in the MCU's storied history. The Captain America figurine is easily one of the funniest ever released considering his only screen time from Spider-Man: Homecoming was in promotional motivational videos for Peter Parker and his classmates. These scenes that the Pop brings to memory are in Peter's gym class, detention, and especially Cap's post-credits video preaching patience to the millions of MCU fans who waited for a tease of more to come.

As for Nick Fury's new collectible, this comes from one of the most dire and devastating moments the MCU has ever brought to life as Thanos used the full Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half of all life and bring balance to the universe. Fury's disappearance came during the end credits scene of this monumental movie, right after using the pager in his hand to call on Captain Marvel to help out in the most desperate of times in the MCU.

Both new Funko Pops should be an excellent addition to collections all over the world as the MCU inches closer to the official debut of Phase 4 by the end of 2020. The entire set is scheduled to release worldwide by mid-to-late December 2020.

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