Samuel L. Jackson Reveals Nick Fury's 1 True Power

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Samuel L. Jackson divulged what he believes is Nick Fury's one true superpower from his time in the MCU.

Jackson remains one of the most prominent figures in the MCU after initially debuting in the franchise's first post-credits scene from 2008's Iron Man, and he continues to pop up all over the Marvel landscape.

And while he won't be seen teaming up with the MCU's top guns, the Avengers, in his next Marvel Studios project, he'll have a chance to show off his own skills and prowess as one of the franchise's strongest purely human characters in history.

Samuel L. Jackson on Nick Fury's Power

MCU veteran Samuel L. Jackson spoke with Good Morning America (GMA) about his time playing Nick Fury, revealing what he believes is Fury's one true superpower ahead of the character's return in Secret Invasion.

While also noting how much he loves to be in as many MCU projects as possible, he explained that Fury "has the power of persuasion," allowing him to succeed in a world filled with heroes:

GMA: "15 years of playing Nick Fury. What do you love about him? What do you hate about him?"

Jackson: "[What do] I hate about him? I hate that he’s not in everything, and I love that he doesn’t have a superpower, but he has the power of persuasion."

GMA: "That is a superpower in a way!"

Jackson: "I guess it is if you’re dealing with supers, and it helps.

He also watched a recently released clip from Secret Invasion featuring Fury and Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill, highlighting the issues Fury has dealt with that have weakened him to an extent over the years:

"Well, you know, he’s…got some issues, so that’s why he hadn’t been back, and when he comes back, he’s not as sharp as he used to be."

This is the second new clip to release after another one that came through a specific promotional website for the Disney+ series.

How Will Fury's Power Come Through in Secret Invasion?

With Samuel L. Jackson discussing Fury's power of persuasion in this interview, it certainly begs the question of how he will use that power as the Skrulls look to make their presence felt on Earth.

This series will differ slightly from the comics in that Fury will team up with a group of Skrull protagonists against rogue aliens looking to take over Earth, all with Talos' family and people still looking to find a new home after Captain Marvel.

Additionally, it will be Fury's first time back on Earth since before the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, meaning he'll have to get his own footing back while also getting in the middle of this huge battle between the Skrulls.

He'll likely have to use that power of persuasion to help diffuse some of the tension between Secret Invasion's biggest players, especially with Earth being the key location for another round of alien war.

Fury will also have to use that persuasion on the officials and power players from the U.S. government as he works to find out whether his home country has been infiltrated already by the time he touches down again.

No matter how the details work out, Fury's power will be one of the most important tools in his arsenal as he takes on the latest chapter in his MCU journey, which Jackson hopes to continue for as long as he can.

Secret Invasion will debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 21.

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