Iron Man: Disney Releases Never-Before-Seen Post-Credits Clip Online

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Iron Man: Disney Releases Never-Before-Seen Post-Credits Clip

Disney and director Jon Favreau just shared a new take of the post-credits scene from the MCU's first movie, Iron Man, that has never been seen before.

Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson set a new standard for Hollywood with Iron Man, starring in the MCU’s very first post-credits scene at the end of that movie. This kickstarted a trend for nearly every single MCU movie to follow over the next 15 years, with all but three Marvel Studios movies or Disney+ shows including at least one post-credits stinger.

This particular scene featured Nick Fury telling Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative for the first time, opening the door for Marvel to start its wildly-successful cinematic universe with team-up outings now on the table.

There have even been other takes of this scene that referenced Spider-Man and the X-Men, giving Jackson a chance to add new life to an already iconic MCU moment.

Alternate Iron Man Post-Credits Scene Goes Public

Iron Man post-credits scene

During an interview on the Disney-owned Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Iron Man director Jon Favreau shared an unused version of the post-credits scene from his 2008 MCU blockbuster, one that had never been released to the public.

Favreau explained to Kimmel that, while shooting Nick Fury's now-iconic Avengers Initiative tag scene in 2007, he asked star Samuel L. Jackson to film a take "just for fun" which Favreau knew "wasn't gonna be in the movie." 

In the new version, while most of the dialogue is similar to the theatrical cut, Jackson unleashes his iconic "motherf***er" line when Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark asks who he is:

Tony Stark: “Who the hell are you?”

Nick Fury: “Nick Fury, motherf***er.”

That full clip can be seen below, with the f-bomb-featured post-credits take starting at the 1:34 mark:

For comparison, below is the original scene from the cut of Iron Man that first hit theaters in 2008:

Iron Man Almost Had First MCU F-Bomb

One thing for which Samuel L. Jackson is most known is his use of "motherf***er" in his movies, a word he's said more than 150 times over the course of his 50-plus years in Hollywood. And with fans still waiting to hear the first official F-bomb in MCU history, this moment is one that could have checked every potential box in a hilarious fashion.

In the end, Favreau admitted that this take was just for fun behind the scenes, with the chances being slim to none that Paramount and Marvel Studios would've included the F-word even before Disney purchased the studio behind the MCU.

Possibly more impressive than anything is the fact that this take remained in the vault for nearly 15 years, especially with fans expressing such an interest in deleted scenes from the MCU.

On the F-bomb front, the wait for the MCU to officially use any variation of that word will likely continue until 2024's Deadpool 3, which is confirmed to be the MCU's first R-rated project.

As for whether Jackson will ever get the chance to make his signature phrase canon in the MCU someday through Nick Fury, only time will tell.

Iron Man is currently streaming on Disney+.

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