Disney Releases Wild First Clip from Marvel's Secret Invasion

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Secret Invasion, Marvel Studios

Ahead of Secret Invasion's premiere in the coming weeks, Marvel Studios let slip a new clip teasing how the events of the show get started.

The adult-oriented series will premiere with one episode in near the end of June, becoming the MCU's first Disney+ series of the year.

The story will bring Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn's Talos into the spotlight. It'll also feature Emilia Clarke's introduction into the MCU, whose character will offer a perspective that "straddles both the human and the Skrull side of things."

Secret Invasion Gets A New Clip

The marketing for Secret Invasion just gave fans their first clip for the upcoming Marvel Studios Disney+ series.

The clip follows Martin Freeman's Everett Ross as he has a secret meeting in Moscow.

Secret Invasion, Everett Ross, Martin Freeman

The person he's rendezvousing with is an Agent Prescod, who believes to know about the secret invasion of the Skrulls on Earth.

Secret Invasion, Agent Prescod

The sense of paranoia is perfectly established in the tense scene between the two agents.

Secret Invasion, Martin Freeman

Following the new footage is a fresh trailer that further teases the craziness the show will offer fans.

The footage can be found on a special promotional website theinvasionhasbegun.com, but only after typing in the password: RSD3PX5N7S.

The Paranoia of Secret Invasion

Marvel certainly isn't holding back when it comes to the paranoia the show will bring about.

Given the show's whole premise, fans know that Agent Prescod probably isn't far off the mark. The real question is, who will surprise audiences by being a secret Skrull?

The clip's ending seems to allude that Prescod jumped to the conclusion that Agent Ross himself could be one of the shape-shifting aliens.

There is one hiccup the show will have to deal with when it comes to uncovering those hidden Skrulls.

Captain Marvel established it was actually pretty easy to find out that a Skrull was someone in disguise. All one had to do was ask them specific questions about their past, and the gig was up.

Fingers are crossed that Marvel made it a little more complicated than that this time around.

Secret Invasion is set to debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 21.

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