When Does Secret Invasion Come Out on Disney+? Exact TIME of Release

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Secret Invasion's release is fast approaching, and its Disney+ premiere is sooner than you think. 

The upcoming MCU series marks the return of the franchise to the small screen. Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury is set to be pushed to the forefront as he fights off a Skrull invasion on Earth alongside a few allies. 

In the weeks leading to its premiere, Secret Invasion has had a rough start due to reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, Secret Invasion became the franchise's worst-rated series after receiving a 67% critic rating from 33 reviews.

Secret Invasion’s Exact Time of Release on Disney+

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Secret Invasion is set to premiere on Disney+ at 3:00 am ET (12:00 am PT) on Wednesday, June 21. This release time is similar to every other original Disney+, Marvel, and Star Wars content.

Disney+ also confirmed that Secret Invasion will only have a one-episode premiere. Episode 2 will be released the following week on a normal weekly release schedule on the streaming service.

Secret Invasion consists of six episodes. 

What to Expect in Secret Invasion’s Premiere 

Secret Invasion's first episode is expected to lay the groundwork for the Skrull's invasion on Earth and Nick Fury's return to Earth. 

The MCU show's first clip already teased the paranoia aspects of the series, leaving fans with more questions than answers. 

It's also possible that the show's debut could take the twists even further by showcasing a reveal that a longtime MCU character is a Skrull all along.

Some of the critics' first reactions teased the show's "constant tension" while also pushing Nick Fury to the forefront like never before. Fans are poised to see Fury with his back against the walls and no backup (or Avenger) to call. 

Given that Fury is still slated to appear in The Marvels, it's clear that the character will end up surviving the Skrull threat, but the journey to get there will be far more interesting. 

Secret Invasion premieres on Wednesday, June 21, on Disney+.

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