Marvel's Next Disney+ Show Is Made for Adults, Says Actor

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Nick Fury, Marvel Studios logo

Marvel Studios’ next Disney+ show will be more for adults than the normal MCU affair.

Many audiences view superhero projects as nothing more than kid shows and movies. Obviously, that’s incorrect, but there are certain adventures more mature than others.

One recent example would be James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is quite an emotional film and includes more than a few dark sequences.

Another project that might fit the bill is the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion, starring Samuel L Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn. After its first trailer, large swathes of fans were quick to compare it to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Secret Invasion Will Be for Adults

Nick Fury in Secret Invasion, Disney Plus logo

In an interview with USA Today, Ben Mendelsohn spoke on how Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, is not a kid's show.

The actor proudly labeled the project as “one the grownups can dig:”

“This is one the grownups can dig. It’s mental. I hope it ends up being one of the coolest things that they’ve done.”

Mendelsohn then brought up his character’s relationship with Nick Fury, sharing go the two are “tighter than [they’ve] ever been:"

“The relationship between Talos and Fury is sort of tighter than it’s ever been... I don’t know if (Talos) is like Abbott to his Costello (but) it’s something that the audience will enjoy without losing how bad the situation gets.”

Speaking with Empire Magazine, Mendelsohn claimed there’s “a buddy-movie element to it, even though it’s pretty dystopian”.

Emilia Clarke was quick to compliment their scenes, calling it “fucking gold:”

“The stuff between Mendo and Sam is fucking gold... You’re laughing, you’re crying, you don’t know whose side you’re on. It’s the good stuff. They let you into the pub, do you know what I mean? These two soulmates are chatting it up, and we’re allowed in.”

What Does a Mature Marvel Cinematic Universe Look Like?

All the promotional material for Secret Invasion certainly lines up with the claim the show will be a more mature adventure. The series was recently confirmed to sport a 16+ rating on Disney+ UK.

Though don’t go expecting an R-rated show. While the higher rating is confirmed to come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point, the first project to get the honor will likely be Deadpool 3.

Though, as The Winter Solider and Civil War taught viewers, Marvel can tell those darker, more serious stories without the extravagant rating. Even Avengers: Endgame could be considered a mature story, given how dark and serious the plot gets.

But this more adult approach clearly doesn’t need to sacrifice its interconnectedness with the MCU either. While the aforementioned examples are proof, it’s also been revealed that Secret Invasion will be pivotal to allowing The Marvels to unfold.

Secret Invasion hits Disney+ on June 21, while The Marvels lands in theaters on November 10.

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