Disney+ Announces Marvel’s Secret Invasion Release Date

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After months of waiting, the MCU's first Phase 5 show on Disney+, Secret Invasion, may finally have its release date confirmed.

As Marvel Studios works through a number of behind-the-scenes problems with its release schedule, the most immediate victim in the mayhem is Secret Invasion, one of the MCU’s most highly-anticipated Disney+ series.

Although the plot for the show will be arguably the MCU's most ambitious yet on Disney+, Secret Invasion's release date has been pushed back a number of times, initially being confirmed for Spring 2023 before that date was removed.

This is only one of many concerns that fans have had for Phase 5, even considering how much excitement Marvel Studios delivered with the first look at the story in the Summer of 2022. But now, those worries may be calming down thanks to the latest update from the team bringing Secret Invasion to life.

Secret Invasion's Release Date Finally Announced

Disney+ announced that Marvel Studios' next series, Secret Invasion, is confirmed to premiere on the streaming service on Wednesday, June 21.

This comes from the show's official page on the Disney+ website, confirming that the six-episode series will technically debut at the very end of Spring 2023, as was initially announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2022.

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This also lines up with rumors from March 2023 that indicated Secret Invasion was delayed from May to June, which also noted that the date would not change from there.

Additionally, it would give plenty of breathing room for Loki Season 2, which was rumored to be released in September, about three months after Secret Invasion.

Will Secret Invasion Shine with June Disney+ Release?

With this release date, although it comes more than six full weeks after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the new Disney+ series will have some stiff competition in a summer filled with big-screen blockbusters.

From June 30 to July 21, four massive movies will come to theaters in the form of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (June 30), Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning - Part 1 (July 14), Barbie (July 21), and Oppenheimer (July 21). While these all come after the first two Secret Invasion episodes hit Disney+, the series will now end its run on July 26, giving it some stiff competition with some heavy hitters in theaters for those last four weeks.

As for the MCU specifically, Marvel Studios decided to take 2023 much slower than initially expected, only releasing three movies and two TV shows should reports remain true. 

And with The Marvels now being kept in the vault until November, this release date will provide plenty of time for fans to let the events of Secret Invasion soak in, especially with the potential that they'll tie into one another in some form.

Fans will also be curious to find out if this June 21 release date brings a single-episode premiere or a double, the way Disney+ has done in the MCU with past entries.

But considering how intense the story will be as the Skrull invasion takes its place in the MCU narrative, one episode per week should be more than enough to have viewers deep in discussion about what's coming next.

Secret Invasion is now set to arrive on Disney+ on June 21.

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