My Adventures with Superman: Lois Lane Actor Gets Honest About 'Dark' Clark Kent Avoidance

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My Adventures With Superman, Lois Lane

The actress behind Lois Lane in My Adventures With Superman gave her honest thoughts on the Max show avoiding a darker take on Superman.

Jack Quaid gave life to a slightly refurbished take on the Man of Steel, complete with a few noticeable differences from his DC Comics counterpart in Adult Swim's retelling of this hero’s story.

Quaid’s Clark Kent was portrayed as a much different character than Henry Cavill’s DCEU hero or even Tyler Hoechlin's in the Arrowverse, showing a younger and more optimistic take on the hero than others from recent years.

Lois Lane on Fun Clark Kent in Superman Series

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Joining The Movie Podcast on YouTube, My Adventures With Superman voice actress Alice Lee (Lois Lane) shared her honest thoughts on this series' portrayal of Superman.

When asked what makes actor Jack Quaid good in the role, she praised the humility he brings to the role with “Clark being down to Earth.”

She also called it “so refreshing” to see this version of Superman being “younger, more youthful, a little more playful” through Quaid’s work as the leading hero:

“Yeah, I feel like animation’s so cool, because when you watch the animation, I’m like, ‘Oh, I don’t know that it’s Jack [Quaid].’ He just sounds so good. I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s totally Clark. That’s totally Superman.’ And yeah I think, he’s just good at the humility part, again, Clark being down to Earth, so sweet, and genuine. And yeah I think it’s so refreshing to see this kind of Clark Kent/Superman, because I think all the iterations that I’m used to are very serious and very dark… Like, he’s younger, more youthful, a little more playful, fun, kinda nerdy, but just so sweet. Like the way he fumbles… And I think Jack just nailed it.”

Jimmy Olsen star Ishmael Sahid also added his own thoughts on Quaid’s performance by highlighting the “young spirit” that he brings to the character.

This is something he feels viewers can relate to, seeing the way that Quaid likely “brought himself into the character” and gave fans something they could connect to more easily: 

“Well, you know, I think he was able to embody just the young essence of Clark Kent. I think a lot of times when we see Superman, it’s a lot more mature. But he brings in just that young spirit to Superman, you know? I think everybody that watches it can kind of relate to that, because, at the end of the day, when you’re watching superheroes in general, you kind of see yourself in that character. So, it’s good that we’re able to see this version of Superman in his early 20’s so to speak. So, it’s a little more relatable. So, I’m just assuming he brought himself into the character, which is always good. Especially when you’re embodying something so big as a major character.”

How Will Superman Evolve in My Adventures With Superman Season 2? 

With My Adventures With Superman already confirmed to move forward into Season 2, fans are hopeful that Jack Quaid’s Superman will keep that same youthful and positive energy he had in Season 1.

But even with some major villains from the comics set to make their presence felt on Earth, there should be plenty of opportunity to see Clark putting that optimism on display.

First off is his budding relationship with Lois Lane as they continue their journey together, both working at The Daily Planet together and exploring their love and affection for one another.

Also important to remember is Jimmy Olsen’s newfound fortune from selling Flamebird, which should allow him and his two friends to go out comfortably in their everyday lives while Clark continues his run as Superman.

There should be plenty more of this style of Superman storytelling moving forward, with the only real question being when it will officially go further into development.

My Adventures With Superman Season 1 is now streaming on Max.

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