MCU's Spider-Man 3: Photos Indicate Tom Holland’s Brother Cast In Marvel Movie

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By Richard Nebens Posted:

Amongst the MCU community, almost no project in on Marvel's slate is building up more hype than the untitled Spider-Man 3 . For a movie that literally doesn’t have a name yet, it’s undoubtedly making a name for itself long before it closes out the MCU 2021 slate.

Tom Holland’s third solo film is set to feature an epic battle as the web-slinger teams up with Doctor Strange to fight villains from both previous live-action Spider-Man franchises . It will also bring a heavy dose of MCU multiverse action as it likely connects to both 2021’s WandaVision and 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

Along with the huge stars set to share the stage in Spider-Man 3 , a recent photo leak may confirm a family connection joining the expansive cast.


A new batch of leaked images from the Atlanta set of Marvel Studios' Spider-Man 3 , from Just Jared , suggests that Harry Holland, brother of Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, may play a role in Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man 3 . Harry Holland is seen in the photos attached to a harness and wearing slightly-ragged attire, suggesting that he was on the set and in costume to act in a scene in the film:

An earlier leak also listed this description with other photos, which could connect back to Harry Holland.

“While dressed up as Spider-Man, Tom leaped from car to car while filming with a young co-star."


After rumors began circulating through the end of 2020 that over a dozen past Marvel actors would find their way into this movie, these photos are an unexpected surprise confirming more involvement for the Holland family .

Tom Holland often speaks on how involved his brothers like to be in his experience with Marvel, and the fact that his brother Harry is putting in on-set work should feel fantastic for the actor behind the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Harry also served as a production assistant on 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home , which gives him even more experience in movies as his role expands this time around.

There is no confirmation who he will play in Spider-Man 3 , nor is it known how large his role will be; the harness indicates he will have some kind of action sequence at least. No matter what answers come to those questions, this will certainly be the experience of a lifetime for the Holland family.

The untitled Spider-Man 3 is currently filming and will release in theaters on December 17, 2021.