New Madame Web Set Photos Reveal Surprising Setting for Spider-Man Spin-off Movie

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Spider-Man Sydney Sweeney Madame Web

Sony Pictures continues to build its expansive Spider-Man Universe concurrently alongside the MCU, with the mysterious new Madame Web film coming next year. Under the direction of S.J. Clarkson for Sony's superhero story, Madame Web looks to add a new dimension of storytelling to this universe with a Spider-Man spin-off that will hopefully make its mark on fans.

Dakota Johnson joins her first superhero outing as the titular Madame Web, whose first-ever solo movie will tap into her powers as a clairvoyant as she looks into the expanding spider world. Her supporting cast also features Euphoria breakout star Sydney Sweeney and Celeste O'Connor from Ghostbusters: Afterlife, bringing an exciting level of star power to Sony's fifth solo Spidey spin-off.

Filming for this new entry just began in recent weeks although story details are largely being kept under wraps at this point in time. Now, the first photos from the set have emerged, revealing some interesting developments and an unexpected setting for Madame Web's first live-action adventure on the big screen.

First Set Pictures from Sony's Madame Web

Madame Web, Marvel Comics

The Boston Globe's Kevin Slane took to Twitter to share the first images from Sony Pictures' Madame Web, along with a description of the surroundings.

The caption noted that extras held Palm Pilots and that the New York City-dressed area featured pay phones and newspaper boxes. Also seen was a billboard for Beyoncé's first solo album, Dangerously in Love, which was released worldwide on June 20, 2003.

This indicates that Madame Web, at least in part, will take place in the early 2000s, the same time period in which Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man trilogy debuted:

"'Palm Pilots with new "3G speed'? Pay phones and newspaper boxes on every corner? A billboard for Beyoncé's debut album? Sony-Marvel's upcoming superhero movie "Madame Web" has transformed Boston into early 2000s NYC for filming this week"

The first Madame Web set photos can be seen below:

When Does Madame Web Take Place?

Thus far, all of the movies in Sony's Spider-Man Universe have taken place in a more present-day setting between both Tom Hardy's Venom movies and Jared Leto's Morbius. All indications are that Kraven the Hunter will do the same thing, which makes this news on Madame Web even more surprising.

Now that Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man trilogy is back in the spotlight thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home, there's a fair chance that this time period could be revisited for Madame Web with these surroundings. How heavily the two adventures tie into one another is still a mystery, although the opportunity seems to be there thanks to these images confirming the early-21st century setting in New York City.

It will likely be some time until more details are revealed about when and where Madame Web takes place in Sony's Spider-Man Universe, but the prospects of a blast to the past are exciting nonetheless.

Madame Web is set to release in theaters on June 7, 2023.

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