Adam Scott Cast in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

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Adam Scott, Spider-Man

Sony's Spider-Man Universe continues to expand past the Venom and Morbius stories, most prominently with S.J. Clarkson's Madame Web, which is currently filming ahead of its 2023 release. This new solo movie will add a new dynamic to the SSMU with a clairvoyant character, and Sony has an all-star cast assembled to bring the story to life.

Dakota Johnson was cast as the titular Madame Web, taking her experience from the oft-discussed Fifty Shades trilogy into something completely different from the world of superhero movies. Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney also takes on an exciting role in this mysterious solo outing, joining co-star Zendaya as part of the overarching Spider-Verse after her role in the MCU's Spider-Man trilogy.

With production in its earliest stages for Sony's new solo movie, Madame Web is still far from done pulling together big names and crew members for the team that will make the movie a reality. That continues with a new announcement from the casting side, which brings in an actor with his own impressive run of high-profile stories in recent years.

Adam Scott Joins Spider-Man Spin-Off

Madame Web

Deadline revealed that Adam Scott has joined the cast of Sony Pictures' Madame Web, set to release within Sony's Spider-Man Universe in July 2023. Sony offered no comment to Deadline on the casting and details of his role are unknown.

This will be the Parks and Recreation actor's first role in a superhero movie. He most recently starred in the highly-praised Apple TV series Severance, which is preparing for its second season.

Who Will Adam Scott Play in Spidey Film?

Adam Scott is surely no stranger to projects that have millions of viewers, although this will be his first venture into the world of superhero movies with Sony's group of Spider-Man spin-offs. While his role remains a mystery, as do the roles of his fellow castmates outside of Dakota Johnson, his role is sure to make an impact amongst a cast of such big names joining this universe.

With this movie still nearly 11 months away from its release, it will likely be a while until any specific characters are revealed for Scott or his co-stars, even while filming moves further along. Story details are also largely shrouded in mystery with only minor plot points having been made available, which should change over the coming months as Sony develops its universe more fully.

Regardless of how everything works out for Madame Web, bringing in an actor as big as Adam Scott should only help increase this movie's quality and potential as the Spidey spin-off looks to add its own chapter to the story.

Madame Web will debut in theaters on July 7, 2023.

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