Disney+ Starts Streaming Loki Season 2 Legends Episodes Ahead of Series Release

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Ahead of the release of Disney+'s Loki Season 2, two new Marvel Studios Legends episodes were released on the streaming platform.

Since the beginning of Phase 4, Marvel Studios has released episodes of a series called Legends ahead of every major project, highlighting certain characters or aspects that will play a prominent role in an upcoming movie or Disney+ show.

The Loki Season 2 episodes were already previously announced back in August.

For example, the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy team each received their own episode before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was released in theaters, and each one of those installments focused on its respective character and their journey throughout the MCU up to that point.

Loki Season 2's Marvel Studios Legends Episodes

Season 2 of Loki will officially begin streaming on Disney+ starting on Thursday, October 5, but ahead of that, two new Loki-centric episodes of Marvel Studios Legends are now available for fans to watch.

The two episodes that will continue to build hype for Season 2 aren't focused on any specific characters.

Tom Hiddleston's Loki already received his own episode before Season 1 came out, so the two new episodes will be about something else.

TVA Episode of Marvel Studios Legends

The first new episode of Legends is titled "TVA" and takes viewers throughout the history of the Time Variance Authority as seen in Loki Season 1.

This episode just serves as a bit of a refresher to what the TVA is in general and the role it played in the show's first batch of episodes.

Variants Episode of Marvel Studios Legends

The second episode of Legends that was released stays along the same lines as it is called "Variants."

Variants have become a huge element of Phase 4, and Season 1 of Loki is largely to thank for introducing fans to different versions of popular characters.

The "Variants" episode also plays some of the hits of Season 1, showing the different Loki Variants that were prominent throughout the show. It also features Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror from Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, as Majors will play a major role in Season 2 as Victor Timely, a Variant of the Conqueror.

Where is Mobius & Sylvie?

Fans may be a little confused as to why Marvel Studios would elect to give the TVA and Variants their own episodes of Marvel Studios Legends instead of Owen Wilson's Mobius and/or Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie.

Mobius and Sylvie are extremely important characters and were already confirmed to be by Loki's side in the greater portion of the upcoming Season 2.

However, the answer to why they didn't receive their own episodes is fairly simple.

Sylvie is featured a lot in the "Variants" episode of Legends as she is a Variant herself. That episode talked about her in great detail and even showcased her big moment at the end of Season 1 when she killed He Who Remains.

Mobius' case is fairly similar to Sylvie's. He was the focal point of the TVA's episode of Legends that was just released. However, not much was talked about him as a character rather the TVA itself and how he was a member.

Seeing as how Mobius was so important in Season 1 and will likely continue to be just as much in Season 2, he probably could have benefited from his own episode.

It also wouldn't have hurt the fans any, seeing as how an episode focused solely on him would have refreshed everyone's memory of his role in the first installment.

The first episode of Season 2 of Loki will be available to stream on Disney+ on Thursday, October 5 at 9 p.m. ET.

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