Elizabeth Olsen Finally Watches Doctor Strange 2 After Previously Refusing

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Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness put Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen back into the spotlight as Doctor Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff for an epic magical sequel. Olsen took a particularly interesting journey in this new outing, becoming the main villain of Doctor Strange 2 as Wanda fully dove into her new persona as the Scarlet Witch.

Since the film debuted in theaters, Olsen has been quite involved with the promotional tour as she shares her experience making the movie and explains what fans can expect from her role. From passing a lie detector test when asked about John Krasinski to showing her funny side in the Doctor Strange 2 blooper reel, the MCU veteran has been quite open about her work.

Interestingly, Olsen admitted that she actually refused to watch the final film at the sequel's premiere, and she hadn't been to a theater to see it since then. She largely attributed this to nerves, saying that she always worries the next Marvel movie will be the MCU's "first flop." But even when Disney sent her a watermarked screener, Olsen avoided it, preferring to get the full experience with nothing covering the movie at all.

However, that all changes thanks to a new TikTok video that brings both Olsen and her latest MCU movie back into the spotlight.

Elizabeth Olsen Sees Doctor Strange 2

TikTok user @HattieHarmony shared a video of MCU star Elizabeth Olsen finally watching her latest Marvel Studios project, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Hattie Harmony is a character from Olsen's children's book, co-written by her husband Robbie Arnett and herself.

The profile shared a look at a cartoon cat cutout laying on a couch before pointing at a completely blue TV screen, which came with the following caption:

"I had a case of the mondays. Even my TV was blue. Would anything cheer me up?!"

Following those shots, the TV was playing Doctor Strange 2. Specifically, Olsen's Wanda Maximoff was trapped in one of Doctor Strange's spells at Kamar-Taj as she invaded the facility in search of America Chavez.

Elizabeth Olsen Tik Tok, Doctor Strange 2

The camera then pans down to Olsen herself, holding the cat cutout and showing a surprised look on her face for the video. While this moment is certainly played for laughs, it also seemingly marks the actress' first time watching the movie in full after refusing to watch her watermarked screener or the worldwide premiere in Los Angeles.

Elizabeth Olsen Tik Tok

The full TikTok can be viewed below:


Hattie had a severe case of the Mondays! Would anything cheer her up?! Have you picked up your book yet? We’d love to know. Tag us in your Hattie videos 😻#hattieharmony #hattieharmonybooks #hattieharmonyworrydetective #doctorstrange #doctorstrangeinthemultiverseofmadness

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Olsen Diving Into Doctor Strange 2 Experience

Elizabeth Olsen is far from the first actor who avoids watching their own work, especially when it comes to major blockbusters like Doctor Strange 2. Even fellow MCU stars Angelina Jolie and Andrew Garfield have admitted to not watching their movies in the past, and with Olsen's nervousness stemming somewhat from a fear of failure, it certainly had an impact on her.

With Olsen now partaking in the MCU's latest big-screen adventure after its arrival on Disney+ and on physical media, she has the chance to enjoy her own performance and reminisce on the time she spent making this movie.

Even though there's no way to tell what her exact reaction was to the movie, it's evident from the video that she was deeply enthralled seeing how the final story played out in its 2 hours. 6 minutes runtime. Now, she and the fans wait to find out if and when the Scarlet Witch will return for another round of action, especially with rumors of a solo movie lurking in the news streams.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now streaming on Disney+.

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