Doctor Strange 2 Just Broke the MCU's Disney+ Viewership Record

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is once again all the rage thanks to the project having hit Disney+. Now fans can revisit the adventure whenever they want to. It's hard to blame anyone for jumping back in - after all, who can't get enough of John Krasinski as Reed Richards? Or Elizabeth Olsen simply shredding through reality itself?

All this attention has brought new observations to the surface since its arrival on Disney+. For example, Mr. Fantastic's entrance into the Illuminati was actually a Doctor Doom Easter egg, and the film once had a darker alternate ending that saw Earth-616's Strange get trapped in a broken reality.

With a whole new audience diving back into the madness of the Multiverse, it looks like all that traffic has now caused the film to break a viewership record for the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+. 

Doctor Strange Breaks Disney+ Viewership Record

Doctor Strange 2, Disney Plus

Samba TV released new statistics for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessDisney+ release, and the numbers see the project break a viewership record on Disney+.

According to the service, Benedict Cumberbatch's latest film saw 2.1 million US households watch the movie within the first five days of its streaming release. When it comes to this specific statistic, the most recent MCU project now ranks number one.

In comparison, the recent Eternals film was watched by 2 million US households in a comparative time period, placing it just behind Multiverse of Madness. Some other 5-day premiere viewership numbers for recent movies via Samba TV include:

More Records for Multiverse of Madness

This isn't the first record the film has broken on Disney+. Recently, the movie also garnered the highest age rating yet in the UK for a Marvel Studios project with a 14+.

No matter, it seems the movie has been finding some new success with its streaming and digital debut. Hopefully, audiences are enjoying it more than those who went out to theaters did back in May.

So what's next for Doctor Strange? Well, Cumberbatch is one of the MCU's biggest players right now, so he'll likely be on screen sooner rather than later. But will fans get to see him and Clea team up to stop an incursion, or will his next on-screen adventure be something entirely different?

No matter what it is, the actor under the cap has declared how he would "love to do another one," as there is "so much more to explore" when it comes to his character. Most viewers certainly wouldn't disagree, that's for sure.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now streaming on Disney+.

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