Daredevil & Spider-Men Deleted Scenes Teased for No Way Home Blu-ray

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Even more than a month after its release, Spider-Man: No Way Home remains near the top of the box office charts and at the center of fan conversations online. Featuring more than a dozen Marvel characters, from Charlie Cox's Daredevil to Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Men, this threequel has enough exciting material to stay popular for the foreseeable future.

Currently, No Way Home is racking up an amazing financial return with nearly $1.75 billion at the global box office, placing it as the sixth-highest grossing film in history. This run will continue for a few more weeks before Sony and Marvel make the film available for purchase via physical media and likely one of many streaming services, although it's unclear which one it will be.

As is the case with every MCU home release, No Way Home's will include various featurettes highlighting different heroes and villains along with a round of scenes that didn't make the final cut. To tease those deleted moments, a reliable insider has shared new information about what fans are set to see in those scenes.

Spider-Man: No Way Home's Deleted Scene Titles Revealed

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Insider Amit Chaudhari shared the names of five deleted scenes from Spider-Man: No Way Home in a post on Twitter, along with the lengths of each clip.

Ranging anywhere from 90 seconds to five and a half minutes long, these scenes tease more material with Charlie Cox's Daredevil along with more scenes with all three Spider-Men.

The scene titles and lengths are listed below:

Interrogation Scene Extended - 2:25

Peter Day at Midtown High - 5:25

Undercroft Montage - 1:35

Happy’s Very Good Lawyer - 1:35

The Spideys Hang Out - 4:25

Even More Spidey Material to Enjoy

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Looking at the names of these deleted scenes, fans are in for some exciting new material that had to be removed from Spider-Man: No Way Home's plot. While these scenes add just over 15 minutes of footage from the MCU Spider-Man threequel that faced the chopping block, the titles aren't difficult to decipher regarding what will come on the home release.

"Peter Day at Midtown High" will likely expand on the young hero's return to his high school, where he immediately became the hottest topic amongst both his students and teachers. Peter will then get to explore more of Doctor Strange's Undercroft in the listed montage, which should show off more than just the Pilates machine that Ned pointed out alongside Peter and MJ. 

Fans will also get a look at more of Peter, Aunt May, Ned, and MJ as they face the Department of Damage control after Peter's identity goes public. This should provide some new intense interactions between the government and the web-slinger's team as they try to get to the bottom of the Mysterio situation. 

The other two will dive into even more of what made No Way Home so monumentally beloved, particularly since they include a trio of the movie's most impactful heroes.

Daredevil, Garfield, and Maguire in Deleted Material

Charlie Cox's Daredevil kicked off No Way Home with a bang only a short time after the film started, even with only 70 seconds of screen time in total. Although this provides another minute and a half of Daredevil's meeting with Peter, May, and Happy, fans will be looking forward to finding out what other subjects were coached in this conversation.

While Matt Murdock will have his own shine in the deleted scenes, the highlight should be seeing more dialogue between all three Spider-Men as they hang out together, as the title describes.

The final cut of No Way Home featured all three heroes together in three key scenes: their first meeting on the Midtown High rooftop, their time in the lab creating the villains' cures, and the fateful final battle at the Statue of Liberty. Where this scene would have fit in is unknown, but it appears to help expand on their relationship with one another as they prepared for the ultimate mission of stopping the villains in their tracks.

Considering how much hype surrounded a potential Spider-Man trio team-up, this scene should be a must-watch for fans who purchase the home release for No Way Home in the near future. That's not to discount the other material coming alongside that moment, with Daredevil and the Sanctum Sanctorum getting their shine as well.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently playing in theaters worldwide. The movie's home media debut is set for February 28, 2022, although a Blu-ray release date has yet to be officially announced.

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