Spider-Man: No Way Home Video Offers Update on Ned & Betty's Relationship

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Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are now only a few short days away from the theatrical release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is already regarded as the biggest film in years. While much of the story will focus on Peter Parker and his high school classmates like MJ, Ned, and Betty, the threequel's calling card involves the MCU's Multiverse breaking open for the first time.

Of course, the central relationship throughout No Way Home's plot will be the one between Tom Holland's Peter Parker and Zendaya's MJ, who will have their fair share of troubles through Peter's identity crisis. Rumors have pointed to the young couple going through a rough patch, likely with MJ forgetting about her boyfriend's superhero status, although that will be the least of their troubles as the plot progresses.

Another sometimes-forgotten relationship that came to be in the Infinity Saga was between Jacob Batalon's Ned Leeds and Angourie Rice's Betty Brandt, who dated during their class trip to Europe in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Now, thanks to a new promotional teaser from that film's follow-up effort, their status takes an interesting turn.

Betty Asks Ned the Tough Questions

In a TikTok video from The Daily Bugle Official, Angourie Rice's Betty Brandt speaks with Jacob Batalon's Ned Leeds in an in-universe interview from Spider-Man; No Way Home.

In the video, Betty is hosting her own talk show called Burning Questions with Betty Brandt, and Ned Leeds is featured as her guest.

Spider-Man, Daily Bugle, Betty Brandt

Betty follows up on the pair's romantic relationship from Spider-Man: Far From Home by asking her ex-boyfriend "what is an appropriate text to send to an ex-girlfriend in the middle of the night?"

Spider-Man, Daily Bugle, Ned Leeds

Ned stays eerily silent for a few seconds before Betty follows up by saying he "looks great, by the way." Ever the nice young man, Ned replies with a simple "thank you" while saying she looks "beautiful as ever."

Spider-Man, Daily Bugle, Ned Leeds

The funny promo can be watched below:


Daily Bugle Exclusive: a sit-down with Peter Parker’s best friend, Ned Leeds.

♬ SpiderMan No Way Home in theaters December - The Daily Bugle


Ned and Betty's Love Affair Continues? 

In a movie that featured a villainous double-cross from Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio, the relationship between Ned and Betty was admittedly one of the stranger subplots in Spider-Man: Far From Home,

In the film's first scene, Ned adamantly explains to Peter that he had a plan for them to be "American bachelors in Europe." Then, Ned and Betty became an item during the nine-hour flight to Europe. But as quickly as they got together, they split up as soon as the trip was over.

Regardless of how Betty feels about the movie's main story featuring her ex-boyfriend's best friend being revealed as Spider-Man, this in-universe interview shows she's not afraid to tackle difficult subjects like her own love life.

Whether this comes into play in the actual movie's story is a mystery, but this is still a fun and unique way for Marvel and Sony to promote their latest team-up outing without giving away any spoilers. Regardless, Ned and Betty will surely have their own stories to tell - dating or not - through the madness that's on the way in this new major adventure.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will premiere in theaters on December 17.

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