Spider-Man: No Way Home: Zendaya Teases Danger from Peter Parker's Identity Reveal

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The world is currently sitting with bated breath waiting for any morsel of info on Spider-Man: No Way Home. The upcoming Spidey sequel has had fans on edge since the first tease of returning villains started to trickle out late last year, and anticipation has only continued to grow.

Now, one trailer and a few teases later and the movie-going public cannot get enough from the Tom Holland superhero epic. The film has been described as "Spider-Man: Endgame," and that is not just in reference to the Multiversal elements that will be in play. 

One major plot point for the project will be Peter Parker's secret alter ego being made public by J. Jonah Jameson and Mysterio at the end of Far from Home. But just how integral will that reveal be to the plot of No Way Home? Well, if some new quotes are any indication, it's going to be a BIG deal. 

Spidey Playing With Pandora's Box

Spider-Man, Zendaya, Doctor Strange

According to some new quotes from Empire's coverage of Spider-Man No Way Home, Peter's identity reveal at the end of the last film will cause the hero's life to descend into "utter chaos". 

Touching on the post-credit stinger, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said they knew they were "forcing [themselves] to deal with" this revelation:

“We knew we were forcing ourselves to deal with his identity being revealed... Now we see how his senior year into utter chaos.”

Tom Holland's co-star Zendaya mentions that the stakes are high and that "everybody around him...gets put into danger.” The two high schoolers have only just started their relationship and now "everything else [is starting] to crumble.”

"Everybody around him, who cares about him and loves him, gets put into danger... As soon as they get to be in love, everything else starts to crumble."

"Spider-Man's Name is Peter Parker!"

Of course, this revelation of Peter's secret identity going public is going to be a big part of this upcoming threequel, but it was in question for a little while. Right after Far From Home Sony and Marvel Studios had a bit of spat over the rights to the Web-Head, so for a brief moment, it was unsure whether fans would ever get a resolution to this pretty monstrous plot point. 

Judging from the initial No Way Home trailer, this identity reveal will serve as the catalyst for what is shaping up to be quite a journey through Spider-Man's past. Yes, a few past villains have been confirmed, but if the rumors of past Spider-Men showing up are true, this reveal could actually serve as a much deeper character beat for Tom Holland's Web-Slinger. 

It is still up in the air if the world will still know the identity of Spidey by the end of No Way Homebut if Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield are in this film, they could be the ones to teach Holland's young Peter that he IS Spider-Man, something that so far he has seemed a little unsure of. 

One thing to note from these quotes, however, is Zendaya's talk of "danger." Could the stakes of this movie be ramped up even more with the loss of someone close to Peter? The young Avenger has already lost an uncle (assumedly), and a mentor in Iron Man, but could Aunt May or maybe even MJ's demise be in play here? At this point, it seems anything is at play for this movie. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters worldwide on December 17, 2021. 

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