Spider-Man: No Way Home Update Has Fans Worried About Spoilers Leaking Soon

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Spider-Man No Way Home screening spoilers

Spider-Man: No Way Home is on the minds of most who are engrossed in the pop culture scene. The film is poised to become one of the biggest MCU projects to ever hit theaters.

The movie's first teaser shattered records, while the second trailer completely blew apart the brains of dedicated fans of the franchise.

One of the things that have plagued the last few months has been consistent leaks from the film—something which could have the potential to ruin the experience for fans everywhere. This includes early screenshots from editing bays, supposed clips of Andrew Garfield on set, and so much more.

It's been a problem, and it's led to plenty of discourse.

Well, now Marvel has revealed screenings for critics are set to happen next week; much earlier than expected. This has sparked worry amongst fans that they will have the entire movie ruined for them before they even get to sit in a theater themselves.

Are Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers Coming Soon?

Spider-Man No Way Home Green Goblin

Sony recently revealed that early screenings for critics are set to start on December 3, only a week away.

That's a good two weeks before the movie releases in theaters. This has caused some concern from fans.

@WWEJayJay claimed that this move is purposeful "so spoilers can get released online:"

"They're doing this on purpose so spoilers can get released online. Smh. Should be no private/early screenings at all..."

@BamTubeTV warned fans that it might be "a good time to delete the Twitter app if you don't want any spoilers:"

"Seems like a good time to delete the Twitter app if you don't want any spoilers... you'd think after what happened with EternalsNo Time to DieVenom: Let There Be Carnage, etc. this year ALONE that studios would learn this is not the way..."

Another fan, @CobraStarGreen, chimed in saying "a lot of these critics can't keep [their] mouths shut:"

"Welp we are Fu*k bc I know a lot of these critics can't keep [their] mouths shut with spoilers..."

@markuszolan2 seemed confident that the "entire movie... [was] already spoiled" thanks to all the prior leaks:

"That is so dangerous and practically begging for spoilers to spread around. Wasn't the movie supposed to premiere days before its wide release???? But who are we kidding, you guys already spoiled the entire movie with you leaks and low quality set pictures"

@CinemaTimeNews simply and forebodingly cautions everyone to "beware of SPOILERS:"

"Oh boy,..,. next week, #SpiderManNoWayHome press screenings... beware of SPOILERS."

@Daredevvvill's solution to the whole ordeal will be to "start muting a ton of words or leave twitter:"

"The only advice I can give about avoiding press screening spoilers next week is start muting a ton of words or leave Twitter till you see the film."

@MarvelGeeked concurred, saying that "its better to get off Twitter:"

@therealsupes (Matt Ramos) tweeted out a funny GIF showing his reaction if any spoiler comes out of the screening:


The Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers

It's perfectly reasonable for fans to be worrying about something such as this. After all, with all the recent leaks, how could one not at least think about the troublesome potentials?

After all, Eternals' after-credits scene was ruined when an irresponsible correspondent for Forbes spilled the beans immediately after seeing the film at the red carpet reveal—nowhere is safe.

It is important to note that, despite all of those conspiracy theorists out there, this was not an intentional move so leaks could get on the internet. That's the exact opposite of what Marvel Studios wants; as hard as it is to believe.

Hopefully, the early screenings come and go without any spoilers. However, those truly worried should stay off of social media or install add-ons to block keywords to stay safe.

Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters on December 17, 2021. 

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