Spider-Man: No Way Home Screenings Reportedly Won't Show the Whole Movie

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Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are in the final stages of preparations for the December 17 release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, arguably the most anticipated MCU movie since Avengers: Endgame. Now that the film is only a couple of weeks away from its full debut, Marvel and Sony are moving full speed ahead with their promotional tour to keep the hype train charging forward.

With two full trailers and numerous TV spots bringing never-before-seen footage from No Way Home, fans are attempting to piece together how exactly the threequel will progress on the big screen. With nearly two and a half hours of runtime that will break the MCU's Multiverse wide open, there are still as many questions as there are answers to what's going to happen.

Most prominently in the immediate future, fans are both looking forward to and dreading the first round of press screenings, which will give a select few people the chance to see what Marvel and Sony have delivered in No Way Home. However, for those worried about major spoilers leaking, a new report is teasing that the studios are playing things safe this time around.

How Spider-Man: No Way Home Could Avoid Spoilers Leaking

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Twitter user @bigscreenleaks revealed that the first press screenings for Spider-Man: No Way Home on December 3 won't show the entire movie in order to ensure that spoilers don't leak before the week of its December 17 debut:

"The press won't be seeing all of Spider-Man: No Way Home tomorrow. The full movie won't be screened for the first time until the premiere.

Barstool's Jeff Lowe corroborated this report, supporting Sony and Marvel's decision to hide most of the movie. He looked back to what happened at the world premiere for Marvel Studios' Eternals, where the first post-credits scene was notoriously spoiled online:

Yup, this is wild and yet awesome to see they aren’t letting everyone see it early. I wonder how much the Eternals spoilers impacted this decision.

@bigscreenleaks followed up on his initial Tweet by admitting to not knowing exactly how much of Spider-Man: No Way Home will premiere at the press screenings. The page teased that "around 40 minutes" of the movie will be shown, which is to make sure that "certain spoilers" remain hidden until its world premiere.

"To clear up some confusion, I stand by the fact that the full movie won't be shown. I don't know EXACTLY how much will be shown but I've heard around 40 minutes. This is being done to prevent *certain* spoilers from leaking out.

Marvel and Sony Wary of Spider-Man Spoilers

Spider-Man: No Way Home is already making a name for itself as potentially the most leaked movie of all time, with rumors and reports having detailed castings and plot points going back more than a year already. Now, as the movie inches toward its release date, Marvel and Sony appear more concerned about spoilers than they have for almost any other outing.

It's abundantly clear that Tom Holland's third solo movie will bring some of the biggest surprises and shocking moments in MCU history, many of which have circled the internet for quite some time. The team is also taking into account Marvel Studios' recent history with screenings, one of which ended with disastrous results.

At the October 18 world premiere of Eternals in Los Angeles, California, the film's mid-credits scene introducing Harry Styles' Eros was spoiled in a big way nearly three weeks before it released worldwide. Despite factoring in Starfox's impact on the MCU's future, his addition could be almost nothing compared to what No Way Home is attempting to do with the Multiverse.

With only 40 minutes being shown out of the Spider-Man threequel's 148-minute runtime, press members will only see a little over 25% of what Marvel and Sony put into this expansive story. This means that fans and critics alike will have plenty left to unravel even after seeing some exciting official action from the MCU's 27th film.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will debut in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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